True Stories of Werewolf Sightings and Encounters

Are werewolves real? There have been numerous sightings of creatures that fit the traditional description: wolf- or dog-like animals that walk upright on their hind legs. Consider these true stories.

Backroad Encounter with a Psychic Metal Werewolf

Photo: Steve McAlister / The Image Bank / Getty Images

"After searching a while with no luck, I was preparing to get back in the car when I heard a strange sound: not a growl but more like a dog's whimper, but too deep to be a dog..."

Navajo School Ghosts and Skinwalkers

"My youngest cousin freaked out badly, and took off running in the other direction. They had a hard time finding him, and the boy with the red eyes didn't move from his spot, but continued staring at them..."

Pack of Werewolves

"The wolves, which seems to be the most logical guess, were about 6.5 feet tall and looked like they easily weighed 250-275 pounds each...."

Snarling Werewolf

"Still writhing in pain in the middle of the rode, what had been eating a big pile of guts looked like a giant wolf that had queer human-like features. It had to have been 6-7 feet long at least, but no one was getting close as terror and fear of a violent death kept us at bay..."

Spring Lake Werewolves

"I could see fingers with claws. Its face was humanlike, but with a snout. After watching for a good minute, the second creature stood up. I hightailed it so fast out of there...."

Werewolf in Serbia

"At the same moment, another howl. We went to the porch with battery lamp, and we opened our eyes widely to see what it was...."

Werewolf on the Shortcut

"This thing was standing on two feet. Hunched. Pointed ears, long arms and pointy nails. It had a very weird tail like a rat. I could tell it had fur. And its eyes were glowing from our headlights...."

Werewolf Sighting

"At 1:15 p.m., we saw a black figure moving through the woods. It was, I would say, given the distance, six feet tall...."

Werewolves Love Salmon

"The thing stood on hind legs and had dark shaggy fur, but it definitely wasn't a bear. It looked muscular and skinnier and had a snout like a coyote or wolf...."

Werewolves of Niles, Ohio

"When they looked over to the trees, a figure that seemed to have the same outline as a werewolf standing on two feet was running down the hill of trees towards them...."

Utah Highway Creature

"He couldn't tell if it was in rags or just a heavy-coated black animal running/hobbling very fast, as it did quickly catch up to the side of his truck. According to him, the way the eyes looked struck him with terror...."

The Wolf Creature

"We also saw a wolf-like creature sitting in the corner of the attic one rainy day that we decided to play up there. I never went in her attic again after that! And the creature never reappeared... at least not that I'm aware of..."

Demon Wolf

"My mother woke in the pre-dawn and saw a huge wolf sitting by the foot of her sister's bed. She was terrified and did not dare move, just stayed very still and watched...."

Baby-Stealing Werewolf

"At that moment, I happened to look into my neighbor's house across from our home and noticed that there was someone or something very big in front of their door... and it seemed to be holding something...."

North Carolina Werewolf

"What we saw was some wolf/human looking thing. The "thing" stood like a man, but had fur and a long tail like a wolf or dog. It was back behind a tree...."

Luna Lupi and the Night of Terror

"In 1899, the mountain settlement of Montescaglioso was being plagued by creatures from the woods that were thought to be half man, half wolf. The people of the town called these creatures the luna lupi (moon wolves) because they were thought to roam the mountainside whenever there was a full moon...."