Job Bible Study: Trust in God

Putting Our Trust in God Even When It’s Tough

The Book of Job is heavy on teaching us about trust in God.  We tend to rely on Proverbs 3, which states, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  However, that’s far easier said than done.  So can we be like Job, where we trust in God even when things are tough?

Trust in God, Not Ourselves
From an early age, we’re taught to rely on ourselves and trust ourselves.

  We live in a world that teaches us that the only one who will take care of Me is Me.  So, it can often seem counterintuitive to trust in God.  It can be scary, because how many of us have been hurt or disappointed when we’ve trusted  in others?  To place so much trust in another being can be scary, especially when we’re in the midst of something difficult.  We want to take control and make it better.  We feel like it’s up to us.  However, we must trust in God to guide us during those difficult times.  Sometimes He’ll push us to take control.  Sometimes there are lessons to learn and we have to trust Him that something will change.  But ultimately it’s up to Him, and we need to trust that.

When we look at the Book of Job, we see a man who faced terrible things at the hand of Satan.  He lost his wealth. He lost his family and servants.  His health suffered.  Thing were pretty miserable for Job, but he didn’t look to make his own way out of the trials.

  He trusted God’s plan. 

Sometimes Trusting in God is Hard
Think about all the things that happened to Job.  They’re pretty awful.  How many of us think we would actually be as strong as Job and keep praising God through all those difficulties? Many of us would complain and whine, and some would even turn completely away from God, because we wouldn’t trust that He would eventually take us out of our trials.


Job is an example to us all that we face difficult times, and sometimes God allows that. It can be a tough pill to swallow, this idea that God would allow our suffering.  However, what Job also teaches us is that eventually God will bring us out of those dark times. Eventually lessons will be learned, and we will head in a new direction.  That doesn’t mean it’s simple to just trust in God.  It takes effort, and it’s something that, if we prepare now, we can find our strength in God when suffering does happen.

Trusting in God is Learned
Job trusted in God, but it’s not like that trust came out of nowhere.  We can do several things now so that we’re stronger when difficult ties happen:

  • Spend time with your Bible.  It seems so generic, “Read your Bible.”  But the more we know about God’s word, the stronger we become.  We learn the stories about people like Job who faced tough times, so we know how God got them through.  We learn God’s lessons and garner wisdom.  
  • Spend time in prayer.  Second to reading your Bible, prayer also can be kind of generic.  However, praying builds our relationship with God.  We learn about Him and talk about our lives.  When we pray regularly, we find that connection easier when times get rough.  We know He is there, that He is listening, and it becomes easier to trust in Him.
  • Choose good friends.  Why is it so important to choose our friends wisely?  Who do you want around you when times are hard?  Those who don’t know you very well and probably won’t encourage your trust in God, or those that know you and support your faith.  
  • Accept that bad things can happen.  Knowing that bad things happen to good people is very different than accepting them.  Job is one of those excellent examples during times of trouble, because He teaches us that acceptance can lead to growth.  If we think about tough times now, and we understand that there will be times that we face difficulties, it will be easier to trust in God when those hard times come.