Tudor Women Timeline

The Context of Tudor History

Marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
Marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images

A basic chronology of Tudor history, putting in context Tudor women’s lives and milestones. In it you’ll meet the key Tudor women:

A few women ancestors are also noted:

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Before the Tudor Dynasty

About 1350Katherine Swynford born, mistress then wife of John of Gaunt, son of Edward III – Henry VIII was descended from her on both maternal and paternal sides
1396Papal bull legitimizing the children of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt
1397Royal patent recognizing the children of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt as legitimate, but prohibiting them from being considered in the royal succession
May 10, 1403Katherine Swynford died
May 3, 1415Cecily Neville born: granddaughter of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt, mother of two kings, Edward IV and Richard III
1428 or 1429Catherine of Valois, widow of Henry V of England, secretly married Owen Tudor against opposition of Parliament
May 31, 1443Margaret Beaufort born, mother of Henry VII, first Tudor king
November 1, 1455Margaret Beaufort married Edmund Tudor, son of Catherine of Valois and Owen Tudor
about 1437Elizabeth Woodville born
May 1, 1464Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV married secretly
May 26, 1465Elizabeth Woodville crowned queen
February 11, 1466Elizabeth of York born
April 9, 1483Edward IV died suddenly
1483Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV’s sons, Edward V and Richard, disappear into the Tower of London, their fates uncertain
1483Richard III declared, and Parliament concurred, that the marriage of Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV was not legal, and their children illegitimate
December 1483Henry Tudor swore oath to marry Elizabeth of York, a marriage apparently negotiated by Elizabeth Woodville and Margaret Beaufort

The Tudor Dynasty

August 22, 1485Battle of Bosworth Field: Richard III was defeated and killed, Henry VII became king of England by right of arms
October 30, 1485Henry VII crowned king of England
November 7, 1485Jasper Tudor married Catherine Woodville, a maternal half-sister of Elizabeth Woodville
January 18, 1486Henry VII married Elizabeth of York
September 20, 1486Arthur born, first child of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII
1486 – 1487Pretender to the crown known as Lambert Simnel pressed claim to be a son of George, Duke of Clarence. Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy (sister of George, Edward IV and Richard III), may have been involved.
1487Henry VII suspected Elizabeth Woodville of a plot against him, she was (briefly) out of favor
November 25, 1487Elizabeth of York crowned queen
November 29, 1489Margaret Tudor born
June 28, 1491Henry VIII born
June 7 or 8, 1492Elizabeth Woodville died
May 31, 1495Cecily Neville died
March 18, 1496Mary Tudor born
1497Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy, involved in invasion of pretender Perkin Warbeck, claiming to be Richard, a missing son of Edward IV
November 14, 1501Arthur Tudor and Catherine of Aragon married
April 2, 1502Arthur Tudor died
February 11, 1503Elizabeth of York died
August 8, 1503Margaret Tudor married James IV of Scotland
1505Margaret Beaufort founded Christ’s College
April 21, 1509Henry VII died, Henry VIII became king
June 11, 1509Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon
June 24, 1509Henry VIII coronation
June 29, 1509Margaret Beaufort died
August 6, 1514Margaret Tudor married Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus
October 9, 1514Mary Tudor married Louis XII of France
January 1, 1515Louis XII died
March 3, 1515Mary Tudor secretly married Charles Brandon in France
May 13, 1515Mary Tudor officially married Charles Brandon in England
October 8, 1515Margaret Douglas born, daughter of Margaret Tudor and mother of Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley
February 18, 1516Mary I of England born, daughter of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII
July 16, 1517Frances Brandon born (daughter of Mary Tudor, mother of Lady Jane Grey)
1526Henry VIII began pursuing Anne Boleyn
1528Henry VIII sent appeal to Pope Clement VII to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon
March 3, 1528Margaret Tudor married Henry Stewart, having divorced Archibald Douglas
1531Henry VIII declared “Supreme Head of the Church of England”
January 25, 1533Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII secretly married in a second ceremony; the date of the first is not certain
May 23, 1533Special court declared Henry’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon invalid
May 28, 1533Special court declared Henry’s marriage to Anne Boleyn valid
June 1, 1533Anne Boleyn crowned queen
June 25, 1533Mary Tudor died
September 7, 1533Elizabeth I born to Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII
May 17, 1536Henry VIII’s marriage to Anne Boleyn annulled
May 19, 1536Anne Boleyn executed
May 30, 1536Henry VIII and Jane Seymour married
October 1537Lady Jane Grey born, granddaughter of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon
October 12, 1537Edward VI born, son of Jane Seymour and Henry VIII
October 24, 1537Jane Seymour died
About 1538Lady Catherine Grey born, granddaughter of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon
January 6, 1540Anne of Cleves married Henry VIII
July 9, 1540Marriage of Anne of Cleves and Henry VIII annulled
July 28, 1540Catherine Howard married Henry VIII
May 27, 1541Margaret Pole executed
October 18, 1541Margaret Tudor died
November 23, 1541Marriage of Catherine Howard and Henry VIII annulled
February 13, 1542Catherine Howard executed
December 7/8, 1542Mary Stuart born, daughter of James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise, and paternal granddaughter of Margaret Tudor
December 14, 1542James V of Scotland died, Mary Stuart became Queen of Scotland
July 12, 1543Catherine Parr married Henry VIII
January 28, 1547Henry VIII died, his son Edward VI succeeded him
April 4, 1547Catherine Parr married Thomas Seymour, brother of Jane Seymour
September 5/7, 1548Catherine Parr died
July 6, 1553Edward VI died
July 10, 1553Lady Jane Grey proclaimed queen by supporters
July 19, 1553Lady Jane Grey deposed and Mary I became queen
October 10, 1553Mary I crowned
February 12, 1554Lady Jane Grey executed
July 25, 1554Mary I married Philip of Spain
November 17, 1558Mary I died, her paternal half-sister Elizabeth I became Queen of England and Ireland
January 15, 1559Elizabeth I crowned
1558Mary Stuart married the French dauphin Francis
1559Francis II succeeds to French throne, Mary Stuart is queen consort
About 1560Lady Catherine Grey, a possible heir to the throne, secretly married Edward Seymour, leading to Elizabeth’s outrage and their imprisonment from 1561 to 1563
December 1560Francis II died
August 19, 1561Mary Stuart landed in Scotland
July 29, 1565Mary Stuart married her first cousin Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, also a grandchild of Margaret Tudor
March 9, 1566Darnley murdered David Rizzio, Mary Stuart’s secretary
June 19, 1566Mary Stuart gave birth to her son, James
February 10, 1567Darnley murdered
May 15, 1567Mary Stuart married Bothwell, who had abducted her in April and whose divorce was final in early May
January 22, 1568Lady Catherine Grey, possible heir to the throne, died
May 1568Mary Stuart took refuge in England
March 7, 1578Margaret Douglas died (mother of Darnley)
1583Assassination plots against Elizabeth
1584Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth I named a new American colony Virginia; the colony existed briefly and then continuously after 1607
February 8, 1587Mary Stuart executed
September 1588Spanish Armada defeated
About 1598Elizabeth’s advisor, Robert Cecil, began coaching James VI of Scotland (son of Mary Stuart), to win the favor of Elizabeth – and to be named her successor
February 25, 1601Robert Devereux, Lord Essex, formerly a favorite of Elizabeth’s, executed
March 24, 1603Elizabeth I died, James VI of Scotland became king of England and Ireland
April 28, 1603Funeral of Elizabeth I
July 25, 1603James VI of Scotland crowned James I of England and Ireland