Tufts University OpenCourseWare

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Tufts University OpenCourseWare Basics:

Tufts University offers free OpenCourseWare classes to the public, focusing on life science and international issues. Each class includes all of the components students need to study independently: a syllabus, lecture transcripts, exams, and slideshows.

Like other OpenCourseWare programs, Tufts University does not offer users credit or interaction with professors.

The material is designed for self-study or supplemental learning.

Where to Find Tufts University OpenCourseWare:

All Tufts University OpenCourseWare classes are available on the Tufts website.

How to Use Tufts University OpenCourseWare:

The free online classes available from Tufts University are created from the same material used by traditional Tufts students. When beginning a class, review the syllabus and readings sections. You may want to purchase or check out recommended textbooks from the library. These readings will help you understand the lectures and improve your understanding of the topic.

Keep in mind that some Tufts courses do not provide answers to exercises or exams. If you’d like to complete these selections, you may want to find a teacher or mentor to assist you.

Top Free Online Classes from Tufts University:

Tufts OpenCourseWare classes focus on life science / international issues.

Health-related courses include a series on veterinary medicine, dentistry, and agricultural science. Popular general interest courses include: Intellectual Development, Physics for Humanists, and Producing Films for Social Change. Check out the Tufts University OpenCourseWare website for a complete list of available classes.