15 Tumblr Valentine's Day Cards That Won the Internet

Tumblr bloggers get quirky and creative for Valentine's Day

Every year—just before Valentine's Day rolls around—the creative bloggers on Tumblr create and reblog ridiculous and hilarious Valentine's Day cards. These cards are the internet parody equivalent of the physical cards you buy in stores that feature characters from popular movies, TV shows, music, cartoons, and more.

The cards have similar qualities, ranging from rectangular colored backgrounds and comic sans font, to poorly Photoshopped images and terrible puns or pick-up lines. The cards are fun to look at all year round but have been especially popular in January and February for the past several years. This year is no exception.

Although Tumblr has its share of suggestive memes, you won't find those here. Check out these family-friendly Valentine's Day memes.

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The Most Positive Grumpy Cat Valentine Meme

Grumpy Cat Valentine

realgrumpycat / tumblr

Grumpy Cat knows how to look on the bad side of everything. However, during one of the most disliked non-holidays of the year, she can find a way to offer a small compliment.

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For the Coffee-Lovers in the Crowd

There are a latte reasons to love you Valentine

pipipippin / tumblr

If you met your Valentine at the nearest coffee shop, this meme should work for you.

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You Can't Go Wrong With a Kitten Valentine

I'm not kitten when I say I love you

pipipippin / tumblr

You just can't go wrong with kittens.

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For the Scientist in Your Life


christinebolt / tumblr

Impress your own personal scientist with a meme especially appropriate for the occasion.

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For Your Favorite Minecraft Fan

Minecraft valentine: Are you lava?

endcitychest / tumblr

Minecraft is all over Tumblr, and Valentine's Day memes are no exception.

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Shaggy-Powered Love

Shaggy power level infinite valentine

cageyperry / tumblr

Shaggy's infinite power level is bound to be a whole lot of love.

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May the Force Be With You on Valentine's Day

Been Solo too long valentine

blvemars / tumblr

What's Valentine's Day without a sweet shot of Kylo Ren.

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Don't Go Overboard With Your Favorite Caped Crusader

Batman in a huff valentine

JL8comic / tumblr

Forget the hyperbole. Go for the facts.

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When Your Valentine Is Out of This World

Out of this world Valentines meme

sassyvalentines / tumblr

When your Valentine is out of this world, this meme works for you.

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Superman's on Your Side in this Valentine Meme

Superman walking valentine

JL8comic / tumblr

Let your favorite superhero deliver your message to your Valentine.

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For the Deadpool Fans

Deadpool valentine meme

verybestvalentines / tumblr

Send your Deadpool fan this from-the-heart message.

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You Can't Go Wrong With Yoda

Yoda One for Me

sassyvalentines / tumblr

The only thing cuter is Baby Yoda.

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For Valentines Old Enough to Remember Film

Valentine meme for film photographers

freshvalentinememes-blog / tumblr

A niche meme for film photographers, who are the only ones who will understand it.

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Food Puns Rule Valentine's Day Memes

Miso happy food pun Valentine meme

apastelqueen / tumblr

Miso happy. Get it? There is no shortage of food puns on Tumblr.

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Dog-Gone It! Be My Valentine

Doberman Valentine

pipipippin / tumblr

Even if your Valentine isn't a dog owner, this message comes through loud and clear.

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