TURNER Surname Meaning and Origin

The most common origin of the Turner surname is one who worked with a lathe.
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Turner is most commonly an occupational name for one who worked with a lathe to make items of wood, bone, or metal. The name derives from the Old French tornier and Latin Tornarius, meaning "lathe."

Other possible origins of the Turner surname include:

  1. An occupational name for an official in charge of a tournament, from the Old French tornei, meaning a "tournament or contest of armed men."
  2. A variant of the surname Turnehare, a nickname for a fast runner from the Middle English turnen, meaning "to turn" + hare, a fast rabbit.
  3. An occupational name for a guard in a tower, from the Middle High German turn, meaning "tower."
  4. A habitational name for someone from any one of various places named Turna, Turno, Thurn, etc. This origin can be hard to pinpoint to a specific country, meaning individuals with the Turner surname could have come from Poland, Austria, Germany, or any number of other countries.

Turner is the 49th most popular surname in the United States and the 27th most common surname in England.

Surname Origin: English, Scottish


Famous People Sith the Surname TURNER

  • JMW Turner - 18th and 19th century British landscape painter
  • Nat Turner - leader of a rebellion of enslaved Black people in Virginia
  • Charles Henry Turner - pioneering African-American scientist and scholar
  • Ike Turner - R&B legend; husband of Tina Turner
  • Ted Turner - founder of CNN; philanthropist
  • Kathleen Turner - American actress
  • Lana Turner - American film actress and pin-up girl
  • Josh Turner - American country music star
  • John Turner - 17th Prime Minister of Canada

Where Do People With the TURNER Surname Live?

Turner is the world's 781st most common surname, according to surname distribution data from Forebears. It is most common in various English speaking countries, including New Zealand where it ranks 30th, England (31st), Australia (34th), Isle of Man (34th), Wales (46th), and the United States (48th).

WorldNames PublicProfiler identifies Turner as most prevalent in the Waitomo District of New Zealand, followed by the Otorohanga District. It also identifies the surname as especially common in Tasmania and Western Australia, as well as East Anglia and West Midlands in the United Kingdom.

Genealogy Resources for the Surname TURNER

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