Twelve Tips for When the Sun is in Gemini

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Keep it Short

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When the Sun is in Gemini, it's a month for shorter, sweeter communication. Send a postcard, even if you're not on vacation. When catching up on email, keep them short. It's easier on you, and probably better for the recipient, too.

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Stay Current

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Go ahead and update your subscriptions to blogs you follow, or magazines and newsletters. Gemini is the most mercurial of signs, able to move fast with the information speedway.

That makes it a great time to let go of sources that no longer hold a fascination for you. And claim links to the info that feeds your curious mind.

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Go Against Type

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It bites to be stereotyped, and Gemini's time is one to break free of roles and labels. New sides of your personality come forward, and cause even those who know you to sit up and take notice. If you feel boxed in one way politically, or any other way, feel the freedom to shake that off.

There's freedom in the mutable vibe of Gemini -- you get to be multi-dimensional and never the same on any given day. Great time to write as an alter ego, give yourself a new nickname or mix up your style.

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Feed Your Mind, While You're....

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If you've got a long drive ahead, put in some books on tape, to entertain your mind. Air sign Gemini time is one of heightened mental stimulation -- you want to learn new things!

And yet, you're restless, so you want to stay physically on the move. You could listen to interviews on the net while folding the laundry. Gemini gets antsy in routine, boring tasks. So find ways to keep those wheels turning quickly on something that expands and fascinates you.

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Go to Market

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Gemini comes alive where there's fun and lots of people coming and going. The Sun here enhances the pleasure of open-air markets, street fairs, and of course, malls and such.

It's a great time to bargain hunt, picking up objects, shaking and squeezing them, and then haggling over the price. Auctions, with the speed talking auctioneer, and high switch over of items, is great fun now.

It's also timely for setting up networks of barter, with people in your area.

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Catch Up With Relatives

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Along with brothers and sisters, Gemini covers aunts, uncles, and cousins. That makes this month ideal for family reunions! With extended family, we usually don't have a lot of heavy baggage, making it easy to simply enjoy each other, for a short time.

Relatives often have valuable insights about the family, but as seen from a distance, or another angle.

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Party Lightly

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Gemini's instinct to stay on the move makes it right for light socializing with unusual mixes of people. It's time to get-together with those you don't know that well, but are important to you -- acquaintances. How about a block/building party? If you're not up for speed dating, meeting for coffee might be a good first date, as opposed to a long evening of dinner and a movie.

A walking pub tour is an example of a moving party. Anything with a mental challenge -- like a scavenger hunt, word games, chess in the park -- is especially enjoyable. Make a new friend that you'll probably never see again!

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Share the Ride

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Gemini favors trips, but short whirlwind ones. It's a great time to carpool with random people, through a ride board. On road trips, you put your heads together, to read maps and chat about what you're seeing. Novelty roadside attractions, flea markets, sidewalk cafes -- these are all good stopping points.

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Tell Some Stories

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Gemini's mercurial way with words and gift for social observation make it a sign of oral traditions. Mercury is Gemini's ruler, bestowing on all the gift of the gab during its month in the Sun.  Stories told in an animated way, with lots of gesticulation of the hands, wow your listeners. Read a book or exchange stories by the fire.

It's a time to snap to new ways of seeing something we think we know. Gemini humor and eye for the absurd in everyday life gets us saying, "Omg, that's so true." It enlightens us and helps us rise above the heavy monotony or same ole' tired loop of info.

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Love Your Hands

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Gemini rules the hands, so a manicure or hand massage is divine. Our hands do so much -- it's time to focus on them for love and healing.

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Start a Blog

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In the increasingly leveled playing field of the 'net, it's possible to share your thoughts and interests with a huge readership. Go ahead and start a blog. It might be based on something newsy, or on one of your fascinations. If you're inspired, keep a few blogs going.

Writing for the net is very aligned with Gemini's fast and everchanging pace. Be sure to keep your writing stripped down, so the reader isn't wading through text. Writing for the 'net is different, and it suits the Gemini rhythm of quick bites of info, with a picture to go with it.

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Create Beauty with Your Hands

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Gemini is gifted at collecting and arranging pieces and has dexterity in the hands. This bodes well for visual arts like mosaics, finger paints, colored inks, and writing arts like calligraphy.

Instruments that make use of the fingers, like flutes and harmonicas keep the mood light. I had a Gemini roommate once that played the accordion. Walking and playing an instrument -- or juggling -- are skills we grow closer to mastering when the Sun is in Gemini.

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