Two-Letter Words in Spanish

Interjections, Pronouns Dominate List

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¿Puedes encontrar una palabra de dos letras? (Can you find a two-letter word?). Photo by Carlos ZGZ; public domain.

If you've played Scrabble or similar games, you know how handy two-letter words can be. That's true in Spanish versions of Scrabble as well as online games such as Apalabrados (Angry Words) and Wordfeud too.

Following is a list of the two-letter words of Spanish that are listed in the Spanish Royal Academy's dictionary, along with definitions and links to relevant articles and lessons. The list may not coincide with words that are legal to use in a specific game. Not all possible definitions are given.

Words containing the combinations of ch and ll are also included here, as they used to be recognized as separate letters of the Spanish alphabet and are still treated as such in some games.

ad — Word used in Latin phrases such as ad hoc

ahInterjection used to express sympathy and other emotions, sometimes similarly to "ah"

aj — ailment (seldom used, and then usually in the plural)

al — contraction of "a el"

ar — interjection used in the military to order the immediate execution of a movement

as — ace

ax — ouch (antiquated)

ay — ouch, oh

be — the letter b

bu — boo

ca — a synonym for porque (antiquated)

ce — the letter c

cu — the letter q

da — a conjugated form of dar

de — of, from

di — a conjugated form of dar

do — do (first note of the musical scale)

ea — interjection of encouragement or resolution

eh — interjection used to get attention

el — the masculine singular definite article

en — in, on

es — conjugated form of ser

et — and (antiquated)

ex — former

fa — fa

fe — faith

fo — exclamation indicating displeasure or disgust

fu — snort

ge — the letter g

ha — conjugated form of haber

he — conjugated form of haber

hi — shortened form of hijo (son) used in some expressions (antiquated)

id — conjugated form of ir

in — Word used in Latin phrases such as in promptu

ir — to go

ja — ha

je — ha

ji — ha; 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet

ju — ha

la — the feminine singular definite article

le — a third-person object pronoun

lo — a word of various uses as a pronoun or neuter definite article

lle — variation of le (antiquated)

me — me

mi — my

mu — moo

na — contraction for "en la" (antiquated)

ne — synonym for ni (antiquated)

ni — nor

no — no, not

ña — shortened form of señora (antiquated)

ño — shortened form of señor (antiquated)

ñu — gnu

oa — a Honduran children's game

oc — Occitan (a language related to Catalan)

oh — oh

os — the plural familiar second-person pronoun

ox — interjection used to frighten birds and other animals

pe — the letter p

pi — pi

pu — variation of puf (interjection used as a reaction to a bad smell)

re — re (second note of the musical scale)

ro — interjection, usually repeated, used in calming children

se — the third-person reflexive pronoun

so — under (rarely used); variation of su (antiquated); whoa

su — his, her, your

ta — interjection imitating a knock on a door

te — you (as the second-person singular object pronoun)

to — interjection used for calling dogs; whoa

tu — second-person familiar singular possessive adjective (the pronoun form is , although most games don't distinguish between accented and unaccented vowels)

uf — whew, yuck

uh — interjection of hesitation or disdain

un — a, an, one

va — conjugated form of ir

ve — conjugated form of ver

vi — conjugated form of ver

xi — 14th letter of the Greek alphabet

ya — adverb of vague meaning often used to add emphasis

ye — the letter y

yo — I (first-person singular subject pronoun)

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