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Two Plus Two hosts probably the biggest and widely used poker forum online. This means it probably has the most in-depth analysis available for any question you might want to ask about the game. It also means you're going to wade through a mountain of abuse, argument, and general unpleasantness to get to it.

The Good

Since I'm going to spend the bulk of this article railing on Two Plus Two, let's start out with the positives -- and there are many.

The Numbers

The most members meanest the best crowd-sourcing. Ask a question about poker and you are going to get answers from players, coaches, mathematicians, and many other super smart people. You're also going to get answers from idiots and flamers, but I'll save that for the Bad and the Ugly sections. Suffice it to say, if you want pure information, this is the place to go.

The Authors

Two Plus Two has published some of the best poker books in the business, and have been doing it for longer than most. Many of their authors are still associated with the site, and participate actively. These are some of the giants in the field, and their opinions are well worth noting.

The Bad

The Layout

As opposed to the last site I reviewed, Two Plus Two has a surfeit of topics -- 15 main topics split into 99 sub-topics. That's right, 99 sub-topics. And you will be chastised for putting your post in the wrong topic.

From the rules of the site's Mid-Stakes Limit Holdem Topic :

"This forum is for limit holdem hands in the range of 10/20 to 40/80. Other stakes are certainly acceptable if posters want to share with specific people in this forum or if a particular game plays like a Medium Stakes game. Feel free to post 50/100 or 60/120 hands here if you regularly post 30/60, and if you have an occasional 9/18 or 8/16 hand you'd prefer to put here as opposed to Small Stakes, that's probably OK too.

I'll use very mild discretion when moving threads posted with improper stakes to other forums."

Seriously? Now multiply that by ninety-nine subtopics. Ouch.

The Ugly

Let me begin by saying there are a lot of good, helpful members of the Two Plus Two forums. But in a community of this size, when even a small percentage of people are more interested in insults and abuse, that small percentage can be an alarmingly large number. And with so many posts, it can be difficult to police things as effectively as one would hope. I ran a much smaller and private forum back in the day, and I definitely sympathize with the impossibility of a moderator's job.

And while it can be annoying, things have definitely gotten better. In perusing the site today, the first post I read devolved into a flame war pretty quickly, but the next twenty did not. Used to be, every post seemed to. So perhaps the ugly layout is a necessary evil to chop the site into manageable chunks for the moderators to police.


The breadth and depth of the site is unparalleled and with some patience -- and a lot of tolerance -- you will learn a lot about poker at Two Plus Two.