7 Unfortunate Leotards

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7 Unfortunate Leotards

Brazil 2007 Pan Ams Team
Bizarre? Yes. We'll get to this one on our list. © Jeff Gross / Getty Images

As long as there have been leotards, there have been ugly leotards -- and leotard trends have seen everything from crushed velvet (eeks!) to the metallic and rhinestone-obsessed ones that are often sported today. So, in honor of ugly leos everywhere -- and the poor gymnasts forced to where them -- we present seven of the worst we could find.

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Kristen Maloney, 2000 Olympics

Kristen Maloney. © Clive Brunskill / Allsport / Getty Images

Was this leo really so bad? It's been much-maligned since the moment Kristen Maloney wore it in the ill-fated all-around final at the 2000 Olympics. Well, the US hasn't been known for pretty leotards, for sure, but this astronaut one is definitely bad. Who could look good in the shiniest of all colors? The answer is nobody. And it also begs the question, why would you shoot for the second-place color, of all things?

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Nastia Liukin, 2005 American Cup

Nastia Liukin 2005 American Cup
© Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

But there have been far worse leotards on display than Maloney's. Even the the USA upped its game a few years later by adding a color that clashes quite well with silver and can prove equally unflattering.

Why not add a white chevron to your silver leo? And while you're at it, throw in a few rhinestones and give the girls a bit of a turtleneck/choker necklace on top. Now, there, we've got it.

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Brazilian Team, 2007 Pan American Games

Brazil 2007 Pan Ams Team
© Jeff Gross / Getty Images

Blue and white is traditionally an inoffensive mix of colors, but somehow, the poor Brazilian team at the 2007 Pan American Games ended up with a design that just looked odd, to say the least. Are the gymnasts wearing some strange type of bodysuit over white leos? Nope, that's just the design. Once again, it fit the ugly leotard mantra: "Flatter no one."

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Dominique Dawes, 1994 US Nationals

Dominique Dawes
© Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Though we adored Dominique Dawes and her huge repertoire of tricks, this leo was not ahead of its time. The 1994 Queen of the Sweep deserved much better than this multi-colored geometric concoction. (We'll ignore the crossed feet here, because Dawes was so awesome, and it may have been done as a distraction from the leotard.)

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Vanessa Ferrari, 2012 Olympics

© Hannah Johnston / Getty Images

Even worse than the fact that double tucks are still being performed in Olympic floor finals in this day and age is the idea of this leotard. Sure, the shade isn't so bad, and though it's a bit too bedazzle-y, so many leotards are just as sparkly. But the one-arm look is a total fiasco. We'll state the obvious: It looks like half of her leo got ripped off in the washing machine. And the little peek-a-boo hole on the right shoulder just adds to the awfulness.

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Gabby Douglas, 2012 US Nationals

Gabby Douglas
© Dilip Vishwanat / Getty Images

would look good in anything, and it seems they tried to test that theory with this leo at the 2012 nationals. We can picture the designer as it was being created: "More colors! More! Brighter! And let's slap some sparkles on there too! Don't forget the sparkles!" Somehow, though, Gabby pulled it off and took second all-around -- a springboard to the Olympic all-around title just a few short months later.

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He Kexin, 2010 Asian Games

© Jamie McDonald / Getty Images

Sure, the brrrrrright pink burns the eyes. And the swirly-snake motif in the middle is neither flattering nor pretty. But the real killer for us is the yellow and red emblem on the chest. We're always a fan of national pride, but when the colors of your country's flag are red and yellow, you just can't go with a hot pink leo. You either get the pink, or the red, never both.