Using the French Expletive Connard in Conversation

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The French noun connard (pronounced "kuh-nar") is an informal term commonly used as an expletive. Loosely translated, it means "idiot" or "jerk," although most people understand it to mean something more obscene. As with all slang, it's important to understand what you're saying before you go using it in everyday conversation. You and your friends may toss around expletives like connard knowing that you're joking. But you probably wouldn't want to use such language in a formal situation or in front of strangers.

Translation and Usage

A more direct translation of connard would be "a--hole" or any number of variations on the f-word. A French person searching for a synonym might choose imbécile or crétin. There is also a feminine version: une connarde / une connasse for "cow."

Examples of Usage

Here are a few examples for context. To be clear, we are not recommending using this term. But it will be useful to understand it because it can be overheard on the streets of any French city or town.

  • C'est un vrai connard ! > He's a real jerk!
  • Tu es le connard de l'autre nuit. Casse-toi ! > You're the [expletive] from the other night. Get away!
  • Et je suppose que le sale connard veut quelque chose en échange. > And I assume the dirty [expletive] wants something in return.
  • Ecoute, tu devenais un incroyable connard. > Listen, you were becoming/being an unbelievable jerk.
  • Babe Ruth était un connard, mais le baseball reste génial. > Babe Ruth was [expletive], but baseball's still beautiful.
  • Tu peux pas me parler, espèce de connard. > You can't talk to me, you son of an [expletive].
  • C'est pas toi qui pose la question, connard. > You're not asking the question, [expletive].
  • Vandalisme, arme blanche : T'en prends pour six mois, connard. > Vandalism, deadly weapon. You get six months in lockup, [expletive].
  • Ouai, ben, soul ou sobre, t'es toujours un connard. > Yeah, well, drunk or sober, you're still an [expletive].
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