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UNC Greensboro Photo Tour

Bryan School of Business at UNCG
Bryan School of Business at UNCG. Allen Grove

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), home to the Spartans, dedicates many of its buildings to those who contributed to the school’s development in some way. With architectural styles such as neo-Georgian and Romanesque revival, the university’s red-bricked buildings come together to create a beautiful campus. Our photo tour starts with the Bryan School of Business and Economics and ends with the Vacc Bell Tower.

Bryan School of Business and Economics

The highly ranked Bryan School of Business and Economics seeks out “exceptional problem solvers” among the UNCG student population. The School has received high accreditation through its Spartan Trader program which promotes cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship. A store set up through the program sells artwork created by UNCG students, faculty and staff in order to apply practical knowledge of business. In addition to learning through courses, students also research, participate in hands-on projects, embark on global experiences and reach out to the community on behalf of the Bryan School of Business and Economics.

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Curry Building at UNCG

Curry Building at UNCG (click image to enlarge)
Curry Building at UNCG (click image to enlarge). Allen Grove

The Curry Building is named after Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry, who donated funds to help reestablish Southern schools like UNCG after the Civil War.  The building houses the political science, counseling/educational development, philosophy, women and gender studies, and African American studies departments. At first, the building existed as a training school, but when the original burned down, a new version of the building opened in 1926 to house all these departments.

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Elliot University Center at UNCG

Elliot University Center at UNCG. Allen Grove

The Elliot University Center serves as the student hub for daily and special activities. You can find the food court, university bookstore, SpartanCard center, Multicultural Resource Center and box office here, just to name a few choice places. Conveniences like ATMs, vending machines and lockers help make students’ lives easier, especially if they spend all day on campus. The art gallery exhibits works from student and faculty artists as well as contributions from traveling visual artists. The center even has a meditation space for contemplation and relaxation in case students and faculty want to take a break from their busy days.

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Jackson Library at UNCG

Jackson Library at UNCG. Allen Grove

Jackson Library holds more than 2.1 million books, federal and state documents, and microforms. The numerous volumes overflow into the Jackson Library Tower. As the Learning Resources Center, the library pioneered the Journal Finder software that provides easy access to journal articles both in print and electronic copies. Students and faculty can freely access the electronic library while the public can access this abundant information if they come to the library in person. The library also creates a productive study environment with its reading rooms and collaborative learning spaces.

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Jackson Library Tower at UNCG

Jackson Library Tower at UNCG. Allen Grove

The Jackson Library Tower was added to the Jackson Library to hold the substantial overflow of collections. Also known as the “Tower of Books”, the Tower creates a studious environment for those doing academic research or for students who need to burn the midnight oil getting work done. The Tower depends on substantial local and national contributions from Friends of the UNCG Libraries. Even legendary speech writer for John F. Kennedy, Ted Sorensen, has spoken at fundraising dinners for the sake of the Tower.

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Foust Building at UNCG

Foust Building at UNCG. Allen Grove

The Foust Building recalls medieval times with its three-story towers, round arched arcades, and decorative stone and brickwork, but the building actually reflects a Romanesque revival architectural style. Although the exterior exhibits elements of the past, the international program within works towards the future by helping international students, visiting scholars to the university and students who want to study abroad with their academic endeavors. The Foust Building also partners with the Scholars At Risk program which provides temporary academic positions to faculty who suffer threats in their home countries.

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Forney Building at UNCG

Forney Building at UNCG. Allen Grove

The Forney Building originally opened in 1905 as a Carnegie Library. Then, due to partial destruction by a fire in 1932, the building was enlarged during reconstruction and renovated into classrooms. In addition to classrooms, Forney Building also houses the Information Technology Services Department. It was named after charter member Edward Jacob Forney, who once served as College Treasurer and Chair of the Commercial Department.

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Moore Humanities Building at UNCG

Moore Humanities Building at UNCG. Allen Grove

Opened in 2006, the Moore Humanities Building houses the Classical Studies, History, English, and Languages, Literature and Cultures Departments. It also serves as an administrative building by housing offices for Research and Economic Development, Sponsored Programs, Innovative Commercialization and Enterprise Risk Management. Resources for how to improve writing and speaking can be found at the Communication Across the Curriculum Center.

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Music Building at UNCG

Music Building at UNCG. Allen Grove

You can find the entirety of the Music Studies, Music Education, Music Performance, Theatre and Dance Departments in the three-story high Music Building. The Music Building’s Recital Hall, with its 350 seats and 35 rank pipe organ, serves as a primary performance space. Larger ensembles perform in the Aycock Auditorium. The Music Building also holds numerous laboratories for music education, psychoacoustics, and acoustics research. Practice rooms for music students, electronic music studios, a central recording facility and a music library top off the appeal for this bustling fine arts hub.

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UNCG School of Education

School of Education at UNCG. Allen Grove

The School of Education Building holds the Departments of Counseling and Educational Development, Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, Educational Research Methodology, Specialized Education Services, and the list goes on. The Teaching Resources Center models an ideal school library media center that holds various types of media such as pre-Kindergarten picture books, DVDs, nonfiction books, and board books. The School of Education offers dual majors in elementary and specialized education as well as an American Sign Language Teacher Licensure.

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Mary Foust Residence Hall at UNCG

Mary Foust Residence Hall at UNCG. Allen Grove

Mary Foust Residence Hall is named after the daughter of former school president, Julius Isaac Foust. The Residence Hall proves a beautiful place to live with its newly renovated high ceilings, gabled windows, angled stairwells, geometric windows and double occupancy rooms. Many of the rooms look out onto the courtyard. A formal parlor, kitchen and study area help students socialize with each other as they study, cook or just hang out. Rumor has it that Mary’s ghost haunts the second floor of her namesake building.

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Guilford Residence Hall at UNCG

Guilford Residence Hall at UNCG. Allen Grove

The Guilford Residence Hall resembles the Mary Foust Residence Hall in its architectural design and layout. Other living options on campus can be separated into three groups: traditional style living, suites and apartments. The university’s Office of Learning Communities offers residential-based programs that foster relationships between students, faculty and staff. Students can choose from a variety of Living-Learning Communities and Residential Colleges that provide special learning opportunities and allow them to take classes with their residential peers.

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North Spencer Residence Hall at UNCG

North Spencer Residence Hall at UNCG. Allen Grove

The North Spencer Residence Hall houses members of the Lloyd International Honors College. The Hall provides a comfortable living situation with readily accessible showers and restrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms on the first and second floors, and a computer lab with free printing for residents. Residents can socialize in a large parlor on the first floor and a common area with a TV in the basement. Offices for various advisors can also be found throughout the Hall including one for the on-site Honors advisor.

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Ragsdale Residence Hall at UNCG

Ragsdale Residence Hall at UNCG
Ragsdale Residence Hall at UNCG. Allen Grove

The Ragsdale Residence Hall is named after Virginia Ragsdale, former professor in the UNCG Math Department and the third faculty member to ever earn a PhD. The Ragsdale Residence Hall houses mostly first year students. The Hall helps smooth the transition from home life to college life with traditional style, double-occupancy rooms that have large walk-in closets, kitchens on the first and third floors, and laundry rooms.

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Spring Garden Apartments at UNCG

Spring Garden Apartments at UNCG (click image to enlarge)
Spring Garden Apartments at UNCG. Allen Grove

Spring Garden Apartments provide students the feel of off-campus living with on-campus apartments. As with most of the buildings on the UNCG campus, the red brickwork for the apartments helps this living option complement the other buildings. Most apartments consist of four bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and two bathrooms.

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Alumni House at UNCG

Alumni House at UNCG. Allen Grove

The Alumni House serves as the central meeting place for the Alumni Association to advance the interests of the university by promoting cultural and educational opportunities for current and future students. Gardens surround this neo-Georgian piece of architecture, making it an ideal venue for a variety of functions such as wine-tastings, retirement parties and weddings. The Alumni House website strongly recommends the Virginia Dare room for such functions because of its elegant design and spaciousness. Other rooms include the Parrish Library, the Byrd Parlor, the Horseshoe Room and the Pecky Cypress Room.

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Baseball Stadium at UNCG

Baseball Stadium at UNCG
Baseball Stadium at UNCG. Allen Grove

Home to the Spartan Baseball team and UNCG’s mascot, Spiro, since its opening in 1999, the Baseball Stadium has a 3,500 fan capacity. The stadium’s two entrance gates consist of painted steel pipe and round bars and spell out two simple words: “Play Ball.” On the other side, the back wall of the press box depicts a brick relief sculpture with the words “Play at the Plate.” With team and coaching locker rooms, lounge areas, two batting cages, an equipment room and a training room, the Baseball Stadium allows players to practice in a professional setting.

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UNCG Campus Art -- Minerva

UNCG Campus Art -- Minerva. Allen Grove

The statue of Minerva, the Greek goddess of wisdom and women’s arts, stands tall in the Elliot University Center courtyard. One of her hands reaches forward, beckoning future students towards UNCG, and the other reaches back, summoning and encouraging current learners at the university. The class of 1953 donated this statue to replace the damaged, original one donated by the class of 1907. Now, Minerva’s image appears on the diplomas of all UNCG graduates to commemorate their undergraduate or graduate careers.

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Green Spaces on the UNCG Campus

Green Spaces on the UNCG Campus. Allen Grove

The Sustainability Committee at UNCG divides into different groups to “shape a legacy of ecological stewardship, social equity and prosperity for future generations” according to its Mission Statement. The UNC Greensboro Gardens allows the student community to work towards locally grown, organic food production. The conscious choice to stop mowing streambeds (which worsens flooding), reduce or eliminate chemical insecticide and herbicide use, and select plants conducive to drought tolerance makes UNCG appealing both in appearance and in environmental standards.

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Vacc Bell Tower at UNCG

Vacc Bell Tower at UNCG. Allen Grove

The Vacc Bell Tower symbolizes the time that passes and commencement of a UNCG student’s college career. Every day, the 25 electronic bells play the alma mater exactly at noon and the first four notes of the “Singing Tower Supreme” on the quarter, half, and three quarters of every hour. On the top of every hour, the bells evoke the Westminster chimes of Big Ben in the United Kingdom. The bells themselves were cast in Holland and were a gift from Dr. Nancy Vacc, a professor at UNCG, to her husband, also a professor. Students cannot walk through the bell tower before commencement day -- according to legend, they must walk around if they want to graduate within four years.

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