Unique Ways to Celebrate Graduation

Mark the milestone, even if you're an online graduate

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Graduating from an online university or college can be surprisingly depressing. You’ve worked hard, done well in your classes, and have truly earned your degree. But, without the traditional cap-throwing, gown-wearing, sappy music-playing graduation ceremony, finishing coursework can sometimes feel anticlimactic. Don’t let that get you down. Many online graduates find their own way to celebrate. Viewing some unique graduation celebration ideas may inspire you to mark the occasion in a special way.

Throw Your Own Ceremony or Party

Even if you can’t attend a traditional graduation ceremony, host your own. Choose a theme, send out invitations, and celebrate your accomplishments with your best friends. Display your diploma on the wall to mark this important milestone and show interested guests. Spend the evening with upbeat music, good food, and interesting conversation, letting those closest to you know that you did, indeed, graduate, and you are in the mood to celebrate.

Take a Trip

Chances are that you’ve put off some of your vacationing desires to finish your educational commitments. Now that you've completed your online studies, you're not bound by a scheduled graduation ceremony. Since you’re finished with school, take some time to do what you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s a cruise of the world, a vacation to Maui, Hawaii, or a weekend at a local bed and breakfast, you deserve it. There's no better way to celebrate your graduation than lying on a beautiful beach or enjoying breakfast in bed in a cottage nestled in the woods.

Splurge on a Career-Related Activity

While you were busy studying, you may have passed up going to an amazing business conference, skipped becoming a member of an elite art museum, or forgone subscribing to a career journal because you needed to spend your money and devote your time to your schooling. If so, now is your chance to celebrate by ordering tickets, planning your trip, or signing up. Not only will you enjoy it, but it may provide unexpected opportunities to progress in your field of work.

Renovate Your Study

Since you’ve finished with the late nights on the computer and removed the “Stay Out” signs from your door, take the opportunity to redecorate the room (or corner) you’ve used to study. If you have a large space, consider turning it into a parlor for entertaining, home theater, game room, or home spa. Or, if you made your homework habitat in a little corner of the house, redecorate it with artwork, famous quotes, or posters to inspire you in your career.

Give Back 

You’ve had amazing opportunities, and your new degree promises to bring even more chances for exciting experiences. Find a way to give back to your community. Think about volunteering at a local school, dishing out at a soup kitchen, tutoring students at the library, or reading at a neighborhood senior center. Sponsor an orphan in the U.S. or in a foreign country or become a member of a civil rights group. Whatever you choose, giving back is sure to offer real personal satisfaction to add to your hard-earned degree.

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