University of Colorado Denver GPA, SAT and ACT Data

University of Colorado Denver GPA, SAT and ACT Graph

University of Colorado Denver GPA, SAT Score and ACT Score Data for Admission
University of Colorado Denver GPA, SAT Score and ACT Score Data for Admission. Data Courtesy of Cappex

Discussion of University of Colorado Denver's Admissions Standards:

The University of Colorado Denver has moderately selective admissions, and roughly one out of every four applicants will not get in. Those who are admitted tend to have grades and standardized test scores that are at least average. In the scattergram above, the blue and green dots represent applicants who were admitted. You can see that the great majority had an ACT composite score of 19 or higher, a combined SAT score (RW+M) of 1000 or better, and a high school GPA of 2.5 (a "C+" / "B-") or higher. A significant percentage of applicants had grade point averages up in the "A" range. 

According to the University of Colorado Denver admissions website, the average admitted first-year student ranks in the top 25% of his or her graduating class, has a 3.3 GPA, a 23 ACT composite score, and a 1060 SAT score (RW+M).

Grades, class rank, and ACT or SAT scores are going to be the most important part of your application to the University of Colorado Denver and other public universities in Colorado. The university's admissions are largely not holistic, and the school does not require an application essay. Instead, decisions are based largely on an index of grades and test scores created by the Colorado Commision on Higher Education. The higher your grades and/or class rank, the lower your SAT or ACT scores can be yet still qualify for admission. Similarly, strong SAT or ACT scores can help make up for less-than-ideal grades. The university will also want to see that applicants have completed college preparatory curriculum that includes four units of English and Math, three units of natural sciences and social studies, one unit of a foreign language, and two units of academics.

Note that admission standards and application procedures are not the same for all units at the university. Admission to music requires an audition, and admission to architecture, business administration, and engineering require a higher index score (a combination of GPA/Rank and ACT/SAT score) than is needed for general admission. 

Finally, while not required, a personal statement, essay, and/or letters of recommendation may be submitted for the consideration of the admissions committee. These components can be important for students who wish to draw attention to special talents they possess, leadership experiences, or particular hardships that may have affected an applicant's academic performance. If your grades and standardized test scores fall below the university's recommended index score, these additional components can be an extremely important part of your application. 

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