Upcoming Musicals - Broadway and Off-Broadway

An ongoing list of new musicals in development

Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Sarah Charles Lewis in Tuck Everlasting.

One very encouraging thing about musical theater these days is that everyone seems to be working on a new musical, veterans and neophytes alike. What follows is an ongoing, and frequently updated, list of new musicals that are in various stages of the development process, but which are mostly a bit closer to a professional production than a developmental reading. Some of these shows are about to open on Broadway or Off-Broadway.

Others are at a much earlier stage of development. Some may never come to fruition at all, but many of them will. Click through the links for more info on who's working on the shows, as well as how close they are to an actual professional production. 

If you scan the list, some interesting trends emerge. Clearly, we are still in a time when producers are interested in relatively safe movie adaptations (Mrs. Doubtfire, The First Wives Club). There are also apparently still stars from the world of popular music who think they have what it takes to write a musical theater score (Sara Bareilles and Waitress, Sheryl Crow and Diner). People are still interested in trying to catch some Disney magic by appealing to the family audience. (AnastasiaCharlie and the Chocolate Factory). And there are some shows that keep announcing a Broadway bow over a period of years, and yet somehow still haven't made it to New York (Nerds, Rebecca).


In a slightly more positive vein, we have some big-name writers who are working on new works (Stephen Schwartz and Emanuel and Eleonore; Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty and Little Dancer; Andrew Lloyd Webber and The School of Rock; Stephen Sondheim and his new project with David Ives, based on two films by Luis Buñuel, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeouisie and The Exterminating Angel).

Perhaps most encouragingly of all, we have original musicals by new voices (Come From Away, Invisible Thread), and shows that seem to have a bit more on their minds than just the urge to entertain (Amazing Grace, The Total Bent).  

[If you know of any significant musicals under development that I may have missed here, feel free to drop me a line. Ideally, these would be shows that are past the developmental-reading stage and that are in the active process of being produced at a major regional theater or have a planned production somewhere in New York.]

17 Again



August Rush 

Back to the Future 

The Band's Visit 

The Bandstand


Because of Winn Dixie 

Be More Chill 

The Bodyguard 


A Bronx Tale 

Bull Durham 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

Chasing Rainbows

C'mon Get Happy

Come From Away 

Dear Evan Hansen

The Devil Wears Prada


Dust and Shadow

Ever After 

The Exterminating Angel/The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 

Father of the Bride 

The First Wives Club 

Freaky Friday 


Gotta Dance 

Groundhog Day 

Holiday Inn

Hollywood Romance

Home Street Home

The Honeymooners 

In Your Arms

It Happened in Key West 

Jasper in Deadland 

Kid Victory 

The King of Comedy 

King Kong 

The Light Princess

Little Dancer 

Magic Mike 



Mean Girls 

Mrs. Doubtfire 


October Sky


Poster Boy 

The Prince of Broadway

The Prom 


Resident Evil 


Slaughterhouse Five 

Soul Train 

The SpongeBob Musical 

The Sting 

Top Hat 

The Total Bent

The Trail to Oregon

Untitled Cher Musical

Untitled Dolly Parton Musical

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