Where Is Uranium Found on the Periodic Table?

Uranium on periodic table

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While it's easy to find many elements on the periodic table, uranium is below the main body of the table. These elements are still listed according to increasing atomic number, but they are taken out of the table and placed below it because the lanthanides and actinide are transition metals. Extended periodic tables include them with the rest of the table, but they are very wide and hard to read when printed on regular paper.

Where Is Uranium Found On The Periodic Table?

Uranium's location on the periodic table of the elements.
Uranium's location in the periodic table of the elements. Todd Helmenstine

Uranium is the 92​nd element on the periodic table. It is located in period 7. It is the fourth element of the actinide series that appears below the main body of the periodic table.

Radioactive Elements

Every element in the same row or period as uranium is radioactive. What this means is that none of the actinide elements have any stable isotopes.