Uranus (Transit) to Natal Mercury

Undoing and Lifting Off to "Outer Mind Zone"

Author Photo, Eileen Grimes.
Entertaining Uranus and Pluto

Its all in your head: Uranus and Pluto on the Brain.

There’s no real way to describe it. Molly asked that I write a piece about what it feels like to have a double outer-planet transit right my own Mercury. And so I’m examining that. My own Mercury sits at 7 degrees of Aries, and those two guys have been t-squaring my Mercury.

I feel like two gigantic forces have entered my brain and have taken up residence there.

By and large, its been an enjoyable process, because of the nature of who I am and what I do - I am always open to opening new lobes of my brain. The nearest I can come close to describing this is that there is an undoing, or dismantling of the thought process.

But there’s a huge challenge to let go of every deeply held belief that I've had about things. If we are hanging onto old patterns of thought - those thoughts in particular that are self-limiting in nature - we will be fully challenged as to whether or not we really want to keep that mental attachment.

And yes, sometimes it actually feels like my mind is going crazy.

If any of us are having transits from Uranus and/or Pluto - realize that unconscious material from deep within gets pushed up to the surface, to help is process it out and will liberate us, to our ultimate potential.

When the transits are to our planet Mercury, the important thing to realize is that your ability to think - along with beliefs, communication, either written or verbal - is under the microscope.

Thats first, but it goes deeper than that. Not only do we analyze all of that, we also look at how our minds think, from an interestingly detached point of view ( Uranus), as well as looking at our underlying motivations and deeper truths (Pluto) about what we think about our lives, and the world.

Because Pluto and Uranus are collective planets - that deal with, in our personal life, with issues that seemingly are out of our own personal control.

The higher mind (Uranus), and the soul (Pluto) provide us information that cannot readily be accessed through the more linear, left side of the brain. This is right-brain material that comes from these two planets.

The influences, although similar, are decidedly different in their effects on the mind.

The Uranian Mind:

Brilliant flashes of insight, and getting the full picture of a difficult situation instantly - those are the qualities of Uranus. When Uranus enters the Outer Mind Zone, the mind becomes super-electrically charged. The body feels electric and has a hard time relaxing. It isn’t unusual to be jolted awake during the night, because the Uranian energy is sudden and quick, and doesn’t give a rip whether you’re relaxing or not. When the receiver is ready to receive, more or less, the new information downloads into the mind, then into the body.

You’re now wired for Uranian sound.

Dreams can and will take on a highly bizarre quality; so much material from the subconscious can be released during a Uranus/Mercury transit, that the body and emotions can be thrown off. The mind literally comes front and center in the person’s life - because there’s no other way to do this transit, than being fully engaged in the process.

Resistance IS futile here - the mind will likely take over the entire person.

The old beliefs and issues held in the past, suddenly get blown out of the water very quickly, leaving room for new ideas, ideals, concepts, and possibilities to enter the mind. It is nothing short of amazing that past beliefs get to be purged out relatively quickly. For me, it was a matter of looking at a lot of old limiting beliefs, and realizing who put them there - ME! During this transit, I quit a six-year job, and committed to doing my astrology full time. Seems like only under a Uranus/Mercury transit, could that be possible.

Undoing Saturnian Limits

Because the opposite of Uranus is Saturn, the first things often encountered are where we have self-limiting thoughts, and what that is doing to us, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Saturn will always try to keep us in a safe space, a KNOWN space, and confining space. We have to become aware of where we’re stopping ourselves usually, before Uranus can come in and clean house, literally. This could apply to any Uranus transit to any planet, but since Mercury’s the mind in action - the mind gets a complete overhaul during this process.

So, in essence, a Uranus transit literally becomes the antidote to the limited perspective of Saturn. The risks are more likely to be taken - and are needing to be taken. When you break free from something, you have to realize what you’re breaking free FROM.

Once the mind is freed from all forms of Saturnian encumbrances, there is a lifting of pressure off the brain - the kind of pressure that seems to place the mind into a headlock position - feeling stuck with the status quo, and needing some freedom from all that. The mind then has a chance to take off, as it were - and visit distant galaxies its only dreamed of doing, in the past. This is truly the “thinking outside of the box” transit, at its best.