How To Mask a Bitmap With a Vector Shape With CorelDraw's PowerClip Feature

With the PowerClip feature in CorelDraw, you can mask a bitmap with any vector shape. For this exercise we'll use a simple ellipse, but it will work with any single shape that you create.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 2 minutes

Here's How:

  1. First you'll need to make an adjustment to CorelDraw's options. Go to Tools > Options.
  2. In the Options dialog, look under Workspace > Edit and unselect the box next to Auto-center new PowerClip contents.
  1. Click OK to exit the options dialog.
  2. Import a bitmap image into your drawing.
  3. Select the ellipse tool and drag an oval over your bitmap.
  4. Set the oval to no fill and a thin outline and position it over the bitmap however you want the bitmap to be masked.
  5. When you are happy with the placement of the oval, click on the bitmap to select it.
  6. Check your Object Manager docker to ensure that the bitmap is selected.
  7. Go to Effects > PowerClip > Place inside container. Your cursor will change to a large black arrow.
  8. Click on the edge of the oval shape with the tip of the arrow. You must be careful not to click on the empty part of the oval.
  9. The bitmap is masked to the oval shape.
  10. You can now remove the outline from the oval shape or change the color and size if desired.
  11. To reposition the bitmap inside the PowerClip, go to Effects > PowerClip > Edit Contents. You will be able to move the bitmap independent of the PowerClip container.
  1. When you are finished repositioning the bitmap, choose Effects > PowerClip > Finish editing this level.


  1. To permanently separate the bitmap from the PowerClip, choose Effects > PowerClip > Extract Contents.
  2. To make the PowerClip permanent, select the PowerClipped bitmap, and use the Bitmaps > Convert to bitmap command. This is sometimes necessary if you have problems printing PowerClipped objects.
  1. You can place several bitmaps into one Powerclip Container by selecting each of them before choosing Effects > Powerclip.
  2. You can use text as a PowerClip container. Add outline and drop shadow for a quick and easy text effect.
  3. These steps were written using CorelDraw 9, but should be applicable for at least versions 8 and up.