10 Useful Skills Modern Teachers Need

Teaching our youth can be a fulfilling, yet challenging career choice. You'll need a variety of skills, coupled with knowledge and experience to be effective at the job. To be a modern, 21st-century teacher, there are a few useful skills that you will need to have. We are not just talking about patience, even though that is the number one skill on our list. We are talking about being able to adapt to new technology and how to manage your online reputation in the midst of this social media era. Here we will take a look at the top 10 skills modern teachers need to have.

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The single most important skill every teacher must have is patience. Patience will take you very far in a classroom where students are on a sugar high from their Halloween party. It will also help you get through every repetitive day that you are in the classroom.

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Understanding of New Technology

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We are in the digital age. In the past five years alone we have seen huge advancements in educational technology, and we will continue to see it grow at a rapid pace. Not only is it essential that you keep up with the latest in technology, but you must also know which digital tool is right for your students and your classroom.

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Creative Imagination

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The most effective tool a teacher can use is their imagination. With the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) being implemented in classrooms all over the United States, many teachers are finding that they need to use their imagination more than ever. Teachers need to be creative and think of unique ways to keep their students engaged in learning.

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Team Player

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Part of being a teacher is being able to work together as part of a team. Educators call this "team teaching." When you work together as a team, it provides students with a better chance to learn and have fun.

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Manage Online Reputation

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In this modern age, most, if not every teacher is online. This means that you have an "online reputation." Modern teachers need to know how to manage their online reputation and which social networks are right for them to be on. LinkedIn is essential in connecting to colleagues, but Snap chat or any other social networking site where students are is probably not a good idea.

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Be able to communicate with not only your students but parents, and the staff is an essential skill for every teacher to have. Almost all of your day is spent communicating with students and staff, so you better be able to talk clear and concise. If not, then you should take a refresher course and brush up on your communication skills.

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Know How to Find Engaging Resources

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In these modern times, it's imperative to be able to find creative and engaging resources that will help you keep students on their toes. This means searching for new apps to use, browsing the web for inspiration, and subscribing to RSS Readers who know the latest in new educational technology.

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Continuous Learning

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Effective teachers thrive in professional development courses. They know that you can never learn too much, and they attend seminars, workshops, and anything that will make them a better teacher.

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Know When to Slow Down

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Modern teachers know when it's time to kick their heels up, unplug from social media, and relax. They also understand that the teacher burnout rate is at a maximum high right now, so it's even more critical for them to take the time to slow down and take a moment for themselves.

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Being able to adapt is a skill every teacher must have, whether your a modern teacher or not. Teachers need to be able to adapt to the way their students learn, the behavior their classroom exhibits, their lesson plans, and so on. It is a trait, that along with patience is a must.

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