Useful Vocabulary for a Résumé and Interview

Precise Action Words Will Describe Your Work Experience to a "T"

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During the job interviewing process it's important to use verbs that precisely describe your duties and responsibilities at your present and past positions. The following list provides verbs that are both precise and commonly used in an English-speaking workplace. These verbs are used to express responsibilities and tasks performed. 

Great Action Words for Your Résumé


VerbExample Sentence
accomplished I've accomplished a lot in my current position.
actedShe's acted as head of the department.
adapted I adapt to team working situations easily.
administered I administered four committees.
advanced I've advanced many new ideas.
advisedI advised management on purchasing decisions.
allocatedI allocated resources on a weekly basis.
analyzedI analyzed financial data.
appliedI applied my knowledge to workflow. 
approvedI approved new products for manufacturing. 
arbitratedI arbitrated for Fortune 500 companies. 
arrangedI arranged meetings. 
assisted I assisted the CEO. 
attained I attained the highest level of certification. 


VerbExample Sentence
blendedI blended traditional approaches with new insights. 
broughtI brought a team player sensibility to the job. 
built We built more than 200 homes. 
carried outI carried out a wide range of duties. 
cataloged I cataloged our company's library.  
collaboratedI've collaborated with more than fifty clients. 
completedI completed the highest level of the training. 
conceivedI've conceived of numerous products. 
conductedI conducted telephone surveys. 
constructedI constructed prototypes for marketing. 
consultedI've consulted on a wide range of issues. 
contracted I've contracted with large and small businesses. 
controlledI controlled more than $40,000,000.
cooperated I cooperated successfully on more than team projects. 
coordinated I coordinated between sales and marketing departments. 
correctedI edited and corrected company brochures. 
counseled I counseled clients on insurance policies. 
createdI created more than twenty advertising campaigns. 


VerbExample Sentence
dealtI've dealt with a wide variety of issues. 
decidedI've decided I need to further my career. 
decreasedI decreased spending while improving profits. 
delegatedI've delegated tasks on a number of projects. 
detected I detected a number of mistakes. 
developedI developed an invention. 
devisedI devised a plan to improve profits. 
directedI directed the sales department. 
discoveredI discovered the reason. 
distributedWe distributed throughout the country. 
documentedI documented company policies. 
doubledWe doubled profits in only two years. 
editedI edited company communications. 
encouragedWe encouraged research and development. 
engineeredI engineered a wide range of applications. 
enlargedI enlarged our community outreach. 
escalatedWe escalated the problems to the director. 
establishedI established company guidelines. 
estimatedI estimated future costs. 
evaluated I evaluated investment opportunities. 
examinedI examined sites for pollution. 
expandedI expanded our sales to Canada. 
experiencedWe experienced difficulties meeting the deadline. 
exploredWe explored a wide range of possibilities. 


VerbExample Sentence
facilitatedI facilitated an exchange of ideas between the companies. 
finalizedI finalized projections for the year. 
formulatedI formulated answers to the questions. 
foundedI've founded two companies. 
functionedI functioned as a liaison between management and employees. 
guidedI guided operations through the process. 
handledI handled customer complaints. 
headedI headed an exploratory committee. 
identifiedI identified issues and reported back to management. 
implementedI implemented company plans. 
improvedI improved the feedback process. 
increasedWe increased sales by over 50%.
initiatedI initiated investments into the latest technology. 
inspectedWe inspected more than two hundred companies. 
installedI installed air-conditioning units. 
introducedWe introduced innovate products.
inventedThe company invented double-sided tape. 
investigatedI investigated customer complaints. 
ledI led the sales department to its best year. 


VerbExample Sentence
maintainedI maintained the company database.
managed I've managed more than five hundred employees.
moderatedI moderated negotiations between the two companies. 
negotiatedI negotiated a better deal for the company. 
operatedI've operated heavy machinery. 
organizedI've organized many projects. 
performedI performed as company clerk. 
pioneeredWe pioneered new sound technologies. 
plannedI planned company retreats. 
preparedI prepared documents for management. 
presentedI presented at many conferences. 
programmedI programmed the company database. 
promotedI promoted employees in human resources. 
provided We provided feedback to management. 
purchasedI purchased materials for the company.


VerbExample Sentence
recommendedI recommended cutbacks at the company. 
recordedI recorded notes during meetings. 
recruitedWe recruited the best talent. 
redesigned I redesigned company workflow. 
repairedI repaired watches for a few years. 
replacedI replaced the director after only six months.
restored I restored the company to profitability. 
reversedWe reversed the trend and grew. 
reviewedI reviewed company documents and made recommendations. 
revisedI revised figures at the end of each quarter. 
screenedI screened applicants during job interviews. 
selectedI selected employees and assigned tasks.
servicedWe serviced all the buses in the area. 
set upI set up four branches. 
stimulatedI stimulated discussion between departments. 
strengthenedWe strengthened sales abroad.
summarizedI summarized complex ideas so everyone could understand. 
supervisedI supervised two teams on the project. 
supportedI supported management with research. 
testedI tested a number of devices in the field. 
trainedI trained employees. 
transformedWe transformed the company in a short time. 
upgradedWe upgraded our IT infrastructure. 
validatedI validated customer claims. 

Use these verbs to really sell yourself. You only have a few minutes to show how good you really are. Using this precise vocabulary and being confident can help you make the best impression possible.

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