Using 'Bueno' as a Good Interjection in Spanish

Possible Translations Include 'Well' and 'OK'

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Bueno is one of the first adjectives that many people learn when studying Spanish. It can refer to almost anything that can be described as "good," sometimes having specific meanings such as "personable," "kind" and "suitable." The word bueno can function as an exclamation of emotion, too. 

Bueno Used as an Interjection

Although mostly used as a descriptor, bueno can also be used as an interjection, like an exclamatory emotional expression, often in the way, the words such as "good," "well" and "OK" can be used in English. In some areas, native speakers use it frequently as an interjection, while in other regions bueno is used mostly as an adjective.

Interjection Indicating Agreement

Bueno can be used as an interjection meaning, "OK," "sure" or "fine," as in agreeing with someone or something.

Spanish Sentence English Translation
¿Quisieras una taza de café? [Response] Bueno. Would you like a cup of coffee? [Response] OK.
Vamos a estudiar en la biblioteca. [Response] Bueno. We're going to study in the library. [Response] Sure.
Creo que sería mejor ir al restaurante francés. [Response] Bueno, vayamos. I think it'd be better to go to the French restaurant. [Response] Ok, fine, let's go.

Interjection Indicating Sufficiency

Bueno can be used as an interjection meaning "that's good," or "that's enough." For example, if someone is pouring you a drink, you could say bueno to indicate that you have received enough. Another interjection used to indicate "that's enough," is basta ya.

Bueno Used as a Filler Word

Bueno can sometimes be inserted in speech to somewhat downplay the importance of what has been said or what will be said. When bueno is used in this way, it can function like a filler word. The translation can vary considerably depending on context. 

Spanish Sentence English Translation
Bueno, lo que pasó, pasó. OK then, what happened, happened.
Bueno, de todas formas veré qué pasa unas cuantas veces más. Well, in any case I'll see what happens a few more times.
Bueno, puede que sí o puede que no. Yeah, maybe or maybe not.
Bueno, pues, mira. Well, then, look.

Greeting Answering a Telephone

Bueno can be used as a greeting to answer the telephone, mostly in Mexico. Other greetings are common in other countries like ¿aló?, diga, dígame, and sí.

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