Using Compound Prepositions

Sample Sentences Demonstrate Use of Prepositional Phrases

Venezuela money
¿Matarías a cambio de mucho dinero? (Would you kill in exchange for a lot of money?). Photo by Rufino; licensed via Creative Commons.

As explained with our list of compound prepositions, it is common in Spanish for a phrase to function in much the same way as a simple preposition, showing the relationship between a noun (or a related type of word, such as a pronoun or an infinitive acting as a noun) and another part of a sentence. Here are some examples of these types of phrases in action; the prepositional phrases and their English translations (other translations are often possible) are in boldface:

¿Matarías a cambio de mucho dinero? Would you kill in exchange for a lot of money?

El actor falleció a los 90 años a causa de una paro cardiaco. The actor died at 90 years of age because of a heart stoppage.

Tenemos muchas cuestiones acerca de las tecnologías nuevas. We have many questions about the new technologies.

Los valores humanos y éticos son sacrificados a fin de ganar votos. Human values and ethics are sacrificed in order to win votes.

Esto no significa que antes de los noventas no existiera este formato de negocios. This doesn't mean that before the '90s this way of doing business didn't exist.

A pesar de todo voy a dormirme con una inmensa sonrisa. Despite everything, I'm going to fall asleep with a huge smile.

Llega al mercado un teclado a prueba de agua. A waterproof keyboard arrives on the market.

Un hombre de 50 años está a punto de ser desahuciado de su vivienda. A 50-year-old man is on the verge of being evicted from his dwelling.

Cerca de mi casa apareció un buho. An owl showed up near my home.

Arabia Saudita derribará aviones israelípes con rumbo a Irán. Saudi Arabia will shoot down Israeli airplanes en route to Iran.

Lesotho es el único país africano que está dentro de otro. Lesotho is the only African country that is inside of another.

Infórmate sobre la preparación en caso de desastres y emergencias. Get informed about preparation in case of disasters and emergencies.

No pongas los pies encima de la mesa. Don't put your feet on top of the table.

Hay muchas cosas que puedes hacer en vez de estudiar. There are many things you can do instead of studying.

Creo que es la primera vez que alguien fuera de mi familia me ha dicho esto. I think it is the first time anyone outside of my family has told me this.

El hotel está mal ubicado lejos de la playa en medio de nada. The hotel is poorly situated far from the beach in the middle of nothing.

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