Using Evernote With Scrivener

For all of you writers out there who can't live without Scrivener, but are also addicted to Evernote for its ability to bring all of your research together in an organized fashion, the ability to use the two programs in conjunction throws a real 1-2 punch! While Evernote and Scrivener do not sync directly with each other, there are a number of different ways that your notes from Evernote can be easily incorporated directly into any Scrivener project.

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How to Transfer Individual Notes From Evernote to Scrivener

How to drag and drop individual notes from Evernote to Scrivener
Drag and drop individual notes from Evernote to Scrivener. Kimberly T. Powell

Locate a note of interest using your choice of browse, search, tags, notebook lists, etc. Identify the URL link on the individual note page and then drag and drop this into Scrivener. This brings the web page or note into Scrivener as an archived copy. This is the best option for you if once you've imported your notes into Scrivener, you would prefer to remove them from Evernote.
Note: This screenshot demonstrates the list view. In the three-panel snippets view, the URL link will be found in the upper right-hand corner of the third (individual note) panel. Select "view options" to switch between the two views in Evernote.

Select the "Share" option just above the URL and select "link" from the drop-down menu. In the box that pops up, select "Copy to Clipboard." Then in Scrivener, right click on the folder to which you want to add the external reference and select "Add" and then "Web Page." The popup window will have the URL pre-populated from the Clipboard—just add a title and you're ready to go. This will bring the live web page into your Scrivener project, rather than an archived version.

If you would prefer that the external reference open your note in the Evernote program instead of the web browser, first locate the note in your Evernote program. Normally, right-clicking on the note brings up a menu that includes an option to "Copy Note Link." Instead, add the Option key as you are right-clicking (Control > Option > Click on a Mac or Right-Click > Option on a PC) to bring up the right-click menu and select "Copy Classic Note Link." 

Next, open the References panel in the Inspector pane (select the icon that looks like a stack of books at the bottom of the Inspector window to open this pane). Click the + icon to add a new reference, then add a title and paste in the link you just copied in the previous step. You can later open this reference directly in your Evernote program at any time by double-clicking the page icon next to the reference.

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How to Bring Evernote Notebooks to Your Scrivener Project

How to Export Evernote Notebooks into Scrivener
How to export Evernote Notebooks into Scrivener. Kimberly T. Powell

In the Evernote Web app, open the notebooks list. Right click on the notebook you want to export into Scrivener, and select "share this notebook."

A popup window will appear which gives you the choice to "share" or "publish" your notebook. Select the "publish" option. 

Another popup window appears. At the top of this window is a Public Link URL. Click and drag this link into the Research section of Scrivener (either on its own or inside a sub-folder). This gives you full access to your "Evernote Shared Notebook" from inside your Scrivener project.

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