Using Facebook to Promote Your Graphic Design Business

Facebook is enormously popular, most often thought of as a social tool for friends and family to share photos, thoughts and anything else that the huge Facebook network allows. It is also, however, a powerful business tool. With so many people on one website, it was inevitable that businesses jumped in with profiles, or pages, of their own and by taking advantage of other business opportunities.

Facebook Pages

Facebook “profiles” are commonly used to socialize, but Facebook “pages” are more suited to a businesses.

Pages are similar to profiles, but they tagged as a category of business type, given a title instead of a person’s name, and have several other business-related features such as a place to keep detailed business information. If you already have a Facebook account, you can simply add a page for your business. Since it is tied to your personal profile, you can instantly promote it to all of your friends. If you are not yet on Facebook, you can create a page and a new account at the same time.

Once your basic page is set up, add a short blurb and any other information you wish to share with the public… it’s important to remember that ANYONE can see your page, once they choose to become a “fan” (as opposed to a friend) of your page. Along with inviting your existing Facebook friends to become a fan, you can promote your Facebook page on your website, in your newsletter and within any of your networking tools.

What to Include on Your Facebook Page

Along with your basic business information, you can use Facebook to keep people up-to-date on your business. The photos area of your page is a great place to include design work. Consider creating various portfolio “albums” with examples of your design projects. This will allow visitors to your page to see your work without going to your website.

You can also use the Facebook “wall” to add updates on recent projects and news on your business. This is a simple, yet powerful, tool because any fans of your page will see your updates on their Facebook home page… another way to remind people about your design business.

Additional Facebook Page Tools

In addition to the basic page, Facebook offers ways to promote your business. Paid advertising on the Facebook network is available, as well as a simple tool to send all of your fans a message. You can include a discussion board for clients and fans, and an area for reviews of your business. Remember that while Facebook is a helpful tool, it also opens up the door for people to comment on your business, through your wall, reviews and other areas… be sure to closely monitor your Facebook page to be sure it is working to your advantage.