Using German Music in the German Classroom

Music and songs as a learning tool

Falco CD
Falco's Greatest Hits CD.

Deutsche Musik - Introduction

German music and songs can teach both culture and vocabulary in an enjoyable way. Most teachers of German have learned about the power of a good song and how it can grab their students' attention in ways not otherwise possible. Many students themselves have discovered German rap or other kinds of German music (which ranges from classical to heavy metal), and teachers can take advantage of this to help students learn more German.

(See the cloze exercises and other SONG ACTIVITIES below.)

Resources and Links
The pages and links below are divided into these categories: LYRICS, RESOURCES, ARTISTS & GROUPS, and SONG ACTIVITIES. You'll find information about German-speaking artists and their songs, plus song lyrics in German and English. You may be surprised at the great variety of contemporary music coming out of German-speaking Europe today, but the older pop classics shouldn't be neglected either. However, the choices are up to you and your students. Happy listening!


Deutsche Schlager: German Goldies for Beginners
German oldies and "Evergreens" are ideal for the classroom.

German National Anthem - Deutschlandlied
Culture, history, and vocabulary--all wrapped up in Germany's anthem.

German Songs for Children
German and English lyrics for Kinderlieder and German Christmas carols.


Downloading German Songs from iTunes
A guide to finding and getting German music from Apple's iTunes service for Mac and PCs

Top Picks: German Music CDs
Some suggestions for German music CDs.

The Beatles in German
The Beatles recorded several songs in German!

Deutsche Schlager: German Goldies for Beginners
German oldies and "Evergreens" are ideal for the classroom.


Most Beatles fans know that the Fab Four polished their craft in Germany in the early 1960s, but did you know that the first commercial recording the Beatles ever released was partly in German?

The Beatles in German
More about the Beatles and German!

Rammstein für Deutschlernende
Learn more about this controversial German group and their heavy-metal songs.

Hildegard Knef - "Die Knef"
Her smoky voice and classic songs are a legend.

Die Prinzen
With 14 gold records, six platinums, and over five million recordings sold, the "Princes" are one of the most popular German pop bands of all time.