Expressions with 'Hacer'

Meanings that go beyond 'make' and 'do'

Mexican coins
Hizo perdidizo todo el dinero y no se sabe dónde está. (He hid all the money and no one knows where it is.). Photo by Sari Dennise; licensed via Creative Commons.

Hacer is a versatile verb that has a variety of meanings, many of which involve making or doing. Because of its versatility, it frequently forms phrases in which "make" or "do" isn't part of the typical translation — although translating it that way might help you understand the phrases.

'Hacer' to Describe the Weather

There are various phrases to describe weather terms, such as hacer sol (to be sunny), hacer viento (to be windy) and hacer frío (to be cold). 

Other Expressions with 'Hacer'

The following are some other common phrases using hacer; this list is not mean to be complete—in fact, it a small sampling only, in order to help students see the wide range of uses that hacer can be put to without translating it as "make" or "do."

Hacer blanco (to hit the target): Por suerte ningún proyectil hizo blanco. Luckily none of the missiles hit its target.

Hacer clic (to click a computer mouse): Haz clic en el botón "Descargar ahora". Click on the "Download now" button.

Hacer daño (to injure): Mi padre no le hizo daño a nadie. My father didn't hurt anybody.

Hacer guardia (to stand guard, to be on duty): La policía federal hace guardia a las puertas de la clínica. The federal police are keeping guard over the clinic doors.

Hacer el papel (to play the role): Hizo el papel de Michael Jackson en la película. He played the role of Michael Jackson in the film.

Hacer perdidizo (to lose): Hizo perdidizo todo el dinero y no se sabe dónde está. He hid all the money and no one knows where it is.

Hacer presente (to remind, to call to attention): Sólo te hago presente que te amo. I am only reminding you that I love you.

Remember that hacer is conjugated irregularly.

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