Valentines Day Acrostic Poem Lesson

Practice Poetry-Writing Through This Valentines Day Acrostic Poem

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Are you in need of a quick Valentine's Day poetry lesson plan to share with your students? Consider practicing acrostic poetry with them. To begin, follow these steps.

  1. First you must start by modeling the format of acrostic poems with your students. Work together to write a collective acrostic poem on the whiteboard. You can start out simple and use a students name. As a class brainstorm words and/or phrases that correlate with how the students feel about the name you are using for the example. For instance, let's say that you use the name "Sara". Students may say words like sweet, awesome, rad, etc.
  2. Give your students a Valentines-related word list so that they can write their own acrostic poem. Consider the words: love, February, heart, friends, appreciate, chocolate, red, hero, and happy. Discuss the meaning of these words and the importance of expressing their appreciation to loved ones on the Valentines Day holiday.
  3. Next, give your students time to write their acrostic poems. Circulate and offer guidance as needed. Be sure to offer students suggestions if they ask.
  4. If you have time, allow the students to illustrate their poems. This project makes a great bulletin board display for February, especially if you do it a few weeks ahead of time!

Suggest that your students give their acrostic poems to family members as Valentines Day gifts.

Valentines Acrostic Poem

Sample #1

Here is a sample of just using the word "Valentine" from a teacher.

V - Very important to me

A - Always smiling at me

L - Love and adoration is what I feel

E - Every day I love you

N - Never make me frown

T - Too many reasons to count

I - I hope we're always together

N - Now and forever

E - Each and every moment with you is special

Sample #2

Here is a sample of using the word February from a student in fourth grade.

F - feels very cold

E - every single day

B - because it's winter time in every single way

R - red means love

U - underneath the warm sun

A - always dreaming of the warmer months

R -ready to celebrate Valentines day

Y - Yes, I love Valentine's Day even though it's cold outside

Sample #3

Here is a sample acrostic poem using the word "love" from a second grade student.

L - laughing

O -oh how I love to laugh

V - valentines day is about love

E - every day I wish it was Valentine's Day

Sample #4

Here is a sample poem by a fifth grade student using the word grandma.

G - Grandma is special and kind and sweet

R - rad like a biker and someone you want to meet

A - awesome

N - not to mention cool

D - daring and sweet, she always

M - makes me laugh

A - and that just can't be beat

Sample #5

Here is a sample poem written by a fifth grader for her best friend. In this poem she used the name of her friend.

A - A is for awesome and for someone I want to be

N - N is for nice, because she's like my family

D - D is for dedicated, because she is always by my side

R - R is for radiant, I will always have her pride

E - E is for generic, she's always on the go

A - A is for angelic, she always seems to glow.

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