Valentine's Day Activities

Resources and Activities to Support Special Education Classrooms

Nothing brightens up a gray February like Valentine's Day. I have gathered resources to support your special education programs, including art projects, lesson plans and some free printable activities.
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Dot Marker Art projects for Valentines Day

A Valentine Bee. Websterlearning
Kids of all ages love Valentines Day. These free printable dot marker activities will give your youn
A Teddy Cupid. Websterlearning
These Valentines dot to dots include puzzles to 20 and 25 by one, and to 100 and 125 by fives. Go here to find the free printable pdf's. More »
Students Benefit from Social Skills Instruction. Sean Gallup
This lesson plan on friends offers different resources to help students understand the values that are important to making friends and maintaining friendships. More »
Valentine magnet. Websterlearning
A template for the wings and a step by step description make it possible for your students to make a charming Valentine Butterfly Magnet for their mothers to hand on the refrigerator. More »
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A Differentiated Lesson Plan for Valentines Day

The completed art project. Stephanie Geider
This excellent lesson plan starts with Georgia O'Keefe and ends up with flowers with heart shaped petals covered with torn magazine scraps. The activities involved to complete this project include tearing, cutting, identifying colors and tracing. These are all skills that students with disabilities need to develop to improve and strengthen fine motor skills.
Cutting activities support fine motor skills, and these fun Valentines activities will keep your students busy cutting, pasting and coloring. The "young love" Valentine puzzle is definitely designed for younger students, but the other two puzzles would be appropriate for older students who need to continue to exercise fine motor skills. More »
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