Drawings for Happy Valentine's Day!

Love for Love's Sake This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Couple hugging
Valentine's Day Couple in love and hugging. Getty Images

Throw out her full force on another soul,

The conscience and the concentration both
Make mere life, Love.”
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

These words give me life. Love has tangled its way into my life, and with its presence, the pure, dancing exuberance of existence ignites!

Valentine’s Day provides the stunning opportunity to open your heart and pour forth all of the emotions that you harbor for your One And Only and hold close to you the rest of the year. 

My Valentine leaves me weak in the knees. I stay up late sketching portraits of them, endeavoring to capture every curve of their beauty.

Drawings make for gorgeous Valentine’s cards; I intend to give my Intended a flowery sketch intertwined with that Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem. For, before I met my Valentine, life was simple existence. Now, with them, it is full of wonder because we both decided to share our experiences as one.

Including poetry is one of the time-tested Valentine’s Day ideas. Whether you’re a poet yourself and can craft some inspiring lines, or you borrow from the poets of old, delicately woven sentiments are a stunning way to capture the essence of romance.

Sometimes love hurts, however. Sometimes you’re left with a hole in your heart and an ache in your gut. Sometimes, the one you desire walks off-stage with another, as is often poignantly portrayed in Shakespeare’s plays.

If you’re entering February with a blackness in your soul, either shunned, unrequited, or dismissed by the one you loved, why not craft a Valentine’s card for yourself?

While I plan to channel my art and love into a gift for my Valentine, why not name yourself “Valentine” and celebrate your own stellar traits?

Write about how beautiful your eyes are; try sketching a portrait of your inner-self (for we all tend to find ourselves more attractive when look on inner reflections rather than in a physical mirror.) This Valentine’s Day, offer yourself the gift of healing. There’s no need to unrequitedly pine for another when the most important love is self-love.

Valentine’s Day often focuses on the Beauty of Love, but as everything in life, Love is a two-sided creature. If you’re dwelling in the dark recesses of scorn, hurt, betrayal, or loss – all elements of Love – try to find your way to that glimmering beacon of Beautiful Love within yourself.

There is no shame in caring for yourself this February. Take yourself out to dinner; make a playlist of your favorite artists; view a film at the theater. All alone! Yes, all alone! Revel in your solitude!

Celebrate yourself first and foremost, in everything you do.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a holiday for couples, but this year, allow it to be a holiday simply for Love, in whatever form it takes. The love we have for ourselves is the most important Love, for without it, we have no foundation upon which to build other structures.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning told us:

“But when a soul, by choice and conscience, doth
Throw out her full force on another soul,
The conscience and the concentration both
Make mere life, Love.”

There is no reason – no reason at all! – that the soul choosing to throw its full force on another soul couldn’t be looking at its own reflection. When with conscience and concentration we love ourselves, life is transformed into something wondrous and purposeful.


The very best of the Valentine’s Day ideas isn’t drawing a card; sketching a portrait; making dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant; hiring a string quartet to serenade a marriage proposal: the very best Valentine’s gesture is simple self-love. 

For when you love yourself entirely, you are best primed to receive the heart-swelling, heart-wrenching, tumultuous, awesome love that everyone craves on Valentine’s Day. 

And if you already unabashedly love yourself, but you still have no traditional Valentine, celebrate the Love you have for family, for your pets, for a TV show, for a novel, or for any other element you love. 

Let Love shine in every form!