7 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

From sweet to silly, there's a little something for everyone

Valentines Day Breakfast In Bed
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Valentine's Day can instill fear into the heart of even the best gift-givers. But as a college student, your funds and options might be limited. What can you give your girlfriend or boyfriend that still gets your message across without seeming too boring and traditional?

7 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

  1. Serve breakfast in bed: Instead of a dinner out, surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with breakfast in bed. It can be as simple as hot coffee and a muffin or as fancy as homemade pancakes and bacon.
  2. A picnic with your favorite foods: Does your boyfriend or girlfriend love cereal, for example? Pack their favorite kind in a bag along with some milk, 2 bowls, and 2 spoons, and voila. You've got yourself one amusing but sweet Valentine's Day picnic.
  3. Handmade paper flowers: The usual flowers are, of course, a sweet gesture, but they do die after a week or so and can be outrageously expensive around Valentine's Day. Instead, make your own flowers out of paper (some craft stores even have kits) for a present that will last a long time and remind your partner how much you care.
  4. Buy a kids' book with a sweet message: While kids books are, of course, written mostly for kids, they can have sweet messages about loving someone. Find one that works well with your particular relationship for a unique present that will undoubtedly be cherished for a long time.
  5. Make a donation to charity: If your partner isn't into traditional gifts but you want to get them something anyway, consider making a donation to charity. It can be a donation to a local organization, Doctors Without Borders, or even Heifer, which allows you to give enough money so that someone in a developing country can, for example, buy a flock of chickens. (Because who doesn't like getting chickens for Valentine's Day?)
  6. Bake something homemade: Everyone loves homemade goods; luckily, even if you're not good in the kitchen, you can still give a unique homemade good with a little coordination. You can always order something from a nice local bakery or even make something from a box/mix that you got at the grocery store. Add a little of your own decorations and you'll be good to go.
  7. Pack a huge box filled with lots of tiny things: Does your partner love a certain kind of candy bar? Little boxes of cereal? A certain kind of cookie? Find the smallest sizes you can of your boyfriend or girlfriend's favorite treats, wrap them all up individually, and then present them all in a big box. Opening up that many presents, even if they're all similar products, will definitely be one Valentine's Day to remember.
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