5 Valentine's Day Ideas for Single Teens

Valentine's Day can be tough for single teens. Why is it that Valentine's Day brings couples out of the woodwork? Suddenly all your friends are pairing up. People start talking about special dinners, flowers, and candy. It seems like red hearts and little Cupids are everywhere you go. Yet there are just as many teenagers without a boyfriend or girlfriend to spend the special day with. Here are some things you can do to make Valentine's Day your own:

Make Some Money

Teenage Girl Passes an Envelope to a Teenage Boy as They Sit on the Steps at a Secondary School Entrance Together
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There are so many parents that want to make Valentine's Day a little special by going to dinner or to the movies. Why not make the most of Valentines Day as a single teen than to offer up your babysitting services? There are jobs where they may need someone to cover those Valentine's Day shifts.


Instead of dwelling on how terrible Valentine's Day is for single teens, why not try volunteering and making the world a little better? Get out that day to show people that love is more than paper hearts, little cards, or a box of candy. Show them that showing God's love can be done through service to others around you.

Give Everyone Valentines

Since Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love, why not show your love for everyone around you by giving everyone a Valentine that tells them how much you care about them? Let your parents or siblings know you love them. Tell your best friend how much he/she means to you. Don't think of Valentine's Day as just about romantic love. Think of it as showing love in general.

Discover Something New

Instead of allowing the world to tell you that you have to spend Valentine's Day with a date, why not spend it doing something different. Show yourself some love on this day by trying something new. Maybe you've been wanting to read a new book, start a new devotional, or learning a new sport. Set a goal for the day that has nothing to do with Valentine's Day at all.

Host a Single People Get Together

When you can't join 'em, beat 'em at their own game. So what if most of your friends are going to that couple's party. Valentine's Day can be just as fun for single teens if you plan a get together for everyone you know who is unattached. Why not put together a movie night or dinner where the only condition is that no one can bring a date.