Valentine's Day Printables

10 Printable Activities to Do with Your Kids

Valentine's Day Printables
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Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on February 14. Traditional activities for the day include exchanging cards and small tokens of love and appreciation with friends and loved ones. Over 114 million Valentine cards are exchanged annually in the United States alone.

Two of the most popular gifts to give are flowers and chocolate. The United States produces nearly 200 million roses annually for Valentines Day, and people spend over 345 million dollars on chocolate during Valentine's week alone. 

The history of Valentine's Day is uncertain. It is probably named for one of three men known as St. Valentine. The holiday may have its origins in an ancient Roman holiday known as the Feast of Lupercalia. The holiday was a fertility festival that also celebrated Rome's founders, Romulus and Remus. 

In the late-5th century, Pope Gelasius I named February 14 Valentine's Day. The holiday is currently celebrated in many countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, and France.

Red and white are the traditional colors associated with the holiday. Hearts and the Roman god, Cupid, the god of love, are popular symbols for the holiday.

You can celebrate Valentine's Day as a family by exchanging homemade cards, enjoying a special meal together, or hosting a Valentine party. You can also use these free printables to learn more about the holiday.

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Valentine's Day Vocabulary

Print the pdf: Valentine's Day Vocabulary Sheet

Begin to introduce your students to the history and symbolism of Valentine's Day by having them complete this vocabulary worksheet. They should use a dictionary or the internet to define the terms. Then, students should write each word on the blank line next to its correct definition.

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Valentine's Day Wordsearch

Print the pdf: Valentine's Day Word Search

Use this word search as a fun and easy way for students to review what they've learned about the symbols of Valentine's Day.

Do they remember Cupid, the son of Aphrodite, Roman goddess of love?

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Valentine's Day Crossword Puzzle

Print the pdf: Valentine's Day Crossword Puzzle

Students can continue their review of Valentine-themed words with this engaging crossword puzzle. Each clue describes a term associated with the holiday.

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Valentine's Day Challenge

Print the pdf: Valentine's Day Challenge

Let your students demonstrate how well they have learned the Valentine-related words they've been studying. Each description is followed by four multiple choice options. Can your students select all of the correct terms?

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Valentine's Day Alphabet Activity

Print the pdf: Valentine's Day Alphabet Activity

Young students can hone their alphabetizing and ordering skills with this Valentine-themed alphabet activity. Students should write each Valentine word from the word bank in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided. 

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Valentine's Day Door Hangers

Print the pdf: Valentine's Day Door Hangers Page

Students can decorate their home or schoolroom for the holiday with these festive Valentine door hangers. Children should carefully cut out each door hanger along the solid lines. Then, they will cut along the dotted line to cut out the circle for the doorknob.

For best results, print the door hangers on card stock. 

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Valentine's Day Draw and Write

Print the pdf: Valentine's Day Draw and Write Page

This activity allows students to express their creativity and practice their handwriting, composition, and drawing skills. Students should draw a picture related to Valentine's Day. Then, they can use the blank lines provided to write about their drawing. 

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Valentine's Day Coloring Page - I Love You, Mom!

Print the pdf: I Love You, Mom! coloring Page

Valentine's Day is the perfect day to let loved ones know that you're thinking of them. Children will enjoy coloring this picture for their moms.

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Valentine's Day Coloring Page - I Love You, Dad!

Print the pdf: I Love You, Dad! coloring Page

Don't forget Dad! Students can color this picture to give to their dads.  Read-aloud time makes a great time for coloring since the activity gives kids something quiet to do with their hands while they listen.
Try some fun Valentine stories such as  Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse by Laura Numeroff or ​Happy Valentine's Day, Little Critter by Mercer Mayer.

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Valentine's Day Theme Paper

Print the pdf: Valentine's Day Theme Paper

Students can use this Valentine's Day theme paper to write a report about the holiday or create a Valentine-themed story or poem. If they need help getting started with a poem, suggest the traditional starter, "Roses are red, violets are blue..."

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