Valoir le coup - Ça vaut le coup

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Expression: Valoir le coup

Pronunciation: [vah lwar leu koo]

Meaning: to be worth it (it's worth it)

Literal translation: to be worth the effort

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The French expression valoir le coup is very often used impersonally, as in ça vaut le coup (it's worth it) and ça valait le coup (it was worth it). But valoir le coup can also be used with any third person singular or plural subject, including people.


   Ça vaut le coup d'œil.

   It's worth a look, worth seeing.

   Ce sont des classes qui valent le coup.

   They're worthwhile classes, They're classes worth taking.

   J'espère que ce voyage va valoir le coup.

   I hope this trip is worth it.

Ça vaut le coup de + infinitive:

   Ça vaut le coup d'essayer.

   It's worth trying, worth a try.

   Ça vaut le coup de prendre la voiture.

   It's worth bringing the car.

Il / Elle vaut le coup que + subjunctive (informal):

   Il vaut le coup qu'on essaie.

   It's worth a try.

   Ma voiture n'est pas trop vieille—elle vaut le coup que je la fasse réparer.

   My car isn't too old—it's worth getting it repaired.

   Lise a un bon potentiel—elle vaut le coup qu'on la patronne.

   Lise has a lot of potential—it's worth our while to sponsor her.

Synonymous expression: Valoir la peine, Ça vaut la peine - literally, "To be worth the pain, It's worth the pain"


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