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Velocity Test Prep

Velocity Test Prep

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Velocity LSAT Prep provides eight months of access by default (and you can pay to extend for another eight months if you need). The books used in the program must be purchased separately, and the video lessons in the course focus on the theory behind the questions, then putting the theory into practice. As for price, the Velocity program costs $199 for the first month, then $99 a month until you are ready to take the exam. Or you can pay $799 for a 12-month membership. Either way, you’ll receive over 100 hours of videos and thousands of LSAT explanations. But how does this test prep service stack up when compared to competitors? We tested Velocity LSAT Prep to find out, so read on to see the full takeaway.

The Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Affordable

  • Thousands of LSAT prep test questions explained 

  • Get your questions answered any way you choose

  • No material on Digital LSAT prep

  • Newest tests not explained

  • Books must be purchased separately

  • Discussion forum inactive

What’s Included  

Velocity’s founder is adamant that anyone can achieve a high score on the LSAT with enough hard work and the right training. This self-paced online program offers plenty of resources for test-takers to review as they see fit, while also providing access to experts who can answer questions about the format of the test and specific questions. 

Eight Months of Access

Of the LSAT prep courses we tried, this is a fairly standard access period. During this time, you can access videos and get support from the instructor with any program you choose. 

There are five different general syllabi with different timelines covering different parts of the test, so you can select the one that focuses on the part of the LSAT that you need the most help with. You can also use a pre-designed schedule based on your test date. Velocity does not offer a mobile app, but it is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. 

Hours of Video Lessons

Two types of video lessons prepare students to take the LSAT based on the history of the test and its most basic principles. 

1. Theory Lessons – In the theory lessons, founder Dave Hall discusses the types of questions that test-takers will encounter on the LSAT and strategies for each type. There are also tips and tricks for taking the exam under timed conditions.

2. Practice – Practice videos take the theories behind each question type and apply them to practice questions in the PrepTest books.

Multiple Avenues of Communication

Velocity allows you to ask questions through the following channels: 

  • Internal messaging system
  • Video feedback
  • Course video discussions
  • Office hours – 1 hour per week
  • Velocity’s LSAT Prep Forum

Explanations for Thousands of LSAT Questions

Velocity provides explanations for questions that have been used on actual LSAT exams (PrepTests). You’ll also have explanations for certain questions found in PrepTest books. 

Practice Tests and Explanations

A membership will allow you to score practice tests at any time, record your results, and save your progress. (Practice tests must be purchased separately). It will provide thorough explanations of full-length PrepTests for you. It also allows you to grade and record every practice test from this millennium.

Velocity’s Strengths 

An abundance of self-paced material is available for all members. Here are some other reasons why we like it though.


For under $800, you can have access to all of Velocity’s online content within the company for 12 months. There are over 50 practice tests and thousands more individual questions, plus hours of video content that you can watch as many times as you please. 

If $799 for a 12-month membership is a bit out of your budget at the moment, you can still purchase an affordable monthly subscription for $99 per month (after the first month's payment of $199).

LSAT Explanations 

The Velocity method is centered on having the right strategy to answer each LSAT question. It’s better to know the specific skill that is needed to choose the correct answer rather than loads of facts. 

You’ll need to purchase the PrepTests books separately, then consult Velocity’s website for explanations of each one. In addition, the full-access program will walk you through many more individual questions and their answers. 


Velocity is one of a few LSAT prep programs that gives incentives and discounts. Provide the proper paperwork and you qualify for the following discounts: 

  • Need-based aid cuts the price of two popular programs by 50 percent for anyone who has already qualified for the LSAC fee waiver. 
  • Velocity offers an upgrade discount of $100 to anyone switching from a different LSAT test prep company to Velocity. 
  • Military discounts of 20 percent are also available. 
  • Members and former members can also participate in Velocity’s referral program which will earn them 10 percent commission and allow them to give a 10% discount to friends. 

Velocity’s Weaknesses 

Without access to a personal tutor or live online classes, students are not guaranteed to get consistent support from the same person. Also, you may incur a little more hassle having to order your books separately, even though the price may make it worth your while. 

Not Up to Date for Digital LSAT

This was one of the biggest issues we saw with the program. Everything appeared to be at least a few years old, and none of the material referenced or was updated for the Digital LSAT, the biggest change to the exam since 1991. There was no discussion of LSAC’s Digital LSAT interface or strategies to address the fact that the exam is now offered on a tablet.

No Explanations for Newest Exams

The explanations only went up to exam 85, and the practice test grader only went up to exam 81. There were no explanations available for exams 86 and 87, further giving the impression that the course is not regularly updated.

Books Must Be Purchased Separately

Most online test prep courses provide everything you need in one tidy bundle, but purchasing a course from Velocity isn’t all you’ll need to do in order to get the most out of your program. 

You’ll also need to purchase copies of PrepTests from Amazon or a brick-and-mortar store. Digital and hard copies of these required course materials are an additional cost. 

Discussion Forum Inactive

There was surprisingly little activity in the discussion forum, with most posts from several months (or even years) ago. The most recent posts were seven months old and consisted of spam. The lack of activity in the community, combined with the lack of course updates, suggested that Dave Hall, the course creator, is no longer active, nor are there many students in the program. Support from a community of like-minded students is an important part of any LSAT test prep program, and the forum was lacking.


Velocity LSAT prep courses are moderately priced, ranging from $99 per month to $799 for 12-month access.

Monthly Subscription

Price: $99 (after $199 for the first month)

Includes: PrepTests explained in detail (PrepTest book not included), all Velocity theory videos, a month of access, several methods of communication, the ability to grade and record all available practice tests, over 5,000 LSAT question and answer explanations.

12-Month Membership

Price: $799

Includes: PrepTests explained in detail (PrepTest book not included), all Velocity theory videos, 12 months of access, several methods of communication, the ability to grade and record all available practice tests, over 5,000 LSAT question and answer explanations.

The Competition: Velocity vs. 7Sage and Blueprint

7Sage is a program with many similarities to Velocity. The amount of content available online is comparable, and both programs offer progress tracking. Pricewise, 7Sage has a program that is comparable to that of Velocity’s. The bases of the courses differ as well, in that Velocity focuses equally on how to approach the questions as well as explanations, while 7Sage explains questions but doesn’t have as much content discussing the types of questions and strategies for answering them.

Blueprint is another LSAT prep program that applies the same attitude toward LSAT prep that Velocity does, with games and videos that are enjoyable as well as educational. Both programs are also founded by top scorers. Textbooks are included in the price when you go with a Blueprint program, and Blueprint offers both in-person and online options, with Velocity being an online-only test prep program without any books or physical materials included.

Final Verdict

Anyone who is confident in their ability to pace themselves and grasp materials without the constant guidance of a mentor might consider Velocity, but it will still be necessary to go elsewhere for Digital LSAT prep material and the actual exams. The top-level program promises to elevate scores by 10 points or more, or to help test takers reach the 99th percentile, so motivated students may be comforted by the guarantee. Velocity has a lot to offer in terms of online material–so it’s a good choice for those looking for a bargain.
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