Venus in Sagittarius

Credit: Vasiliki Varvaki / Getty Images.

Venus Sagittarius guys and gals live for adventure. Here you have Venus, the lover, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of freedom, luck and breathless risks.   

You value freedom and high spirited, candid people. You're sensitive to any kind of limits on your movement, and more security-minded lovers will find that tough.  

There's a defiant edge to Venus Sagittarius, as they move freely and seek variety in love and among friends. If this is your Venus sign, you're a tease at times, and can seem light-hearted in relationships.  

But you also have an instinct for purity of motives, and will be turned off by potential lovers who are somehow sketchy. Is this your Venus sign? Look for Venus' mirror symbol on your birth chart. 

It's easy to be with you, since you're so jovial and fun. You're very social, and want to experience everything firsthand, preferably with other free-spirits.

Sagittarius is a sign sans frontiers, and you'll want to broaden your horizons through travel, and meeting people from diverse cultures. You like to philosophize, and explore the world of ideas with other inspired minds. You get clues about this Venus from Sagittarius in Love. 

Love and Dating 

Your social calendar is often full because you're kind of a collector of friends and lovers. Often they're one and the same, since having a strong friendship is important to you in love. You're not into emotional drama, and will hightail it out of a heavy or over-analyzed relationship. Play, travel, soaking up the nightlife, discussing world cultures - these things bond you to a partner-in-adventure.

It may take awhile before you commit to one person, and your experimental side means you'll be curious about all things sexual. You'll play the field a long time, as part of your overall quest for experience. Read about Venus Love Compatibility, for more on who you sync with.

Jovial Friends 

You're likely that person who waves to all your "friends" as you're walking down the street. And you're always meeting new ones, because of your outgoing, curious nature. Friendships enlarge your world, and with your global focus, you could end up with friends in every port.

You're idealistic, and can be a source of inspiration for others. Some might doubt your sincerity since you cast such a wide net, and more sensitive types can be singed by your blunt honesty. You're compatible with those on the go, ready for adventure, without the need for a whole lot of emotional bonding.

Creative Expression

There could be many outlets for your spontaneous style - music, comedy, storytelling, theatre, etc. You'd make an engaging teacher, since your students would appreciate the mix of intellectualism and humor.

The Big Attraction

You've got a friendly demeanor that opens doors and makes people take notice. Usually, you're joking and having fun, and people want to be part of that, so they draw near. It's easy for you to get to know people, and this leads to quickly made romantic liasons.

You're someone that can even make dating fun, since you're so light about it all. You may be quick to get intimate, but that doesn't mean you're ready for one partner. Some might not understand your need for complete freedom, mostly from emotional entanglements. The right partner has their own joie de vivre, and is as active as you are.

Look at Venus Sagittarius with other Venus Signs, to see if you're a love match.

Winning Your Heart

You're looking for someone that exposes you to new experiences. Your travels might be where you find many of your lovers. In fact, you may even end up with someone from a different culture entirely.

You have a tendency to idealize your mate, but it's a long, hard fall for them when they turn out to be less than perfect. It's not hard to win you as a casual partner, but getting you to commit is usually a matter both of timing, and someone having most of the right stuff. It's important to seek out those also seeking adventure, variety, freedom, or you're liable to unwittingly break a few hearts along the way.

Quality and Element

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