Venus in Scorpio Profile

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With Venus in Scorpio, you want friends and lovers who can keep secrets. You yourself have many files marked "classified." You come across as private, and that's intriguing in our world of tell all social media.

You want friends who can deal with your intensity. You are cool at first, in the getting to know you stage. 

Once you trust someone, you show how much you really care. Then you sometimes go overboard, with jealousy, possessiveness (even with friends) and controlling behavior. If your Venus has hard aspects, you could go through real ordeals in love, that feel like dying and being reborn.

You've got an inner stalker with this placement, and like to do a lot of detective work on people you know. In your darkest times, you obsess over your lovers and ex-lovers and come up with strategies to get even.

Your Venus sign shows you how and what you love. Your Venus Scorpio sign means you're intense about all things Venusian—your friendships, lovers, art, money, beauty, and more.

You'll want to look at Venus Scorpio Love Compatibility to see which signs are a match.

Mars + Pluto = Steamy Rulers

You are intense and confident, a combination that makes you very attractive. When first meeting people, you're likely to be cautious, taking time to observe them in many situations.

You pick up on emotional vibes and know when someone is into you and when they're not. You're able to bide your time and wait for the right moment to take a relationship further.

You're a still waters run deep type and are arguably the most passionate of the water signs.

Your caution in all relationships has to do with your heightened instincts about merging. Scorpio is the sign that has the urge to merge in all the ways possible—emotional, spiritual, and sexual.

Mars is your traditional planetary ruler and hints at the fiery edge to your nature. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, giving away the great power of going into mergers—mixing soul energies with the unknown outcome.

There's risk in merging, and that's why Scorpio's intensity comes with a dangerous mystique.  What will happen? In love, Scorpio is an all or nothing sign and all relationships are potentially life-changing.

In Love and Romance

You've got animal magnetism, and know when to turn it on to get attention. When dating, you'll probe the potential mate, but likely do a bait and switch when you're the subject of inquiry. Your focus is a Scorpionic hold, powerful and hard to shake.

The bond feels strong, and that can make it feel enduring and good for the long haul. You've got an intangible sexual power that comes from your intensity. Scorpio in Love is intensely bound body and soul.

Things go wrong when you use control and manipulation to hold a partner, to possess them. If you're not vigilant, your love life could become a dark tale of obsession, lusty addiction, and vengeance. Read more about Dark Side Scorpio.

Friendship Style

You're someone that can read close friends like a book, and can sum up an aspect of their lives with startling insight. They think you're not paying attention, then you say something that reminds them that nothing slips by you.

The Venus in Scorpio person can be telepathically attuned, and sometimes you just get a feeling to call. A strong hold on friends can become oppressive if you're jealous of all their other connections.

Creative Expression

Whatever you do, you bring a powerful focus, drive, and imagination. If you're collaborating, you'll likely want to retain some measure of creative control. Are you a control freak? Well, let's just say you have standards and also want to hold true to your own vision.

You have great drive when you're able to put your whole self into what you're doing.

The Big Attraction

You're just shimmering with some kind of intensity mojo. The game of seduction occurs subtly for you, with a steamy look or sensual touch.

There's a hint of danger with you, which can be a turn on for many. You guard your privacy, which makes you seem like a tantalizing mystery to be investigated.

Winning Your Heart

To win your heart, there has to be some element of surrender on the part of your mate. You want to merge into an emotional union and will shy from those that like to keep things light and casual.

It's hard for you to forgive, so it's best to stick with someone that isn't going to play games or be untrue (easier said than done, of course).

You've got to be with a strong person emotionally, someone that won't easily bend to your will. The sexual side of life is amped up for you, so your partner should also have a healthy libido.

Quality and Element

Fixed and Water