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If your Venus is in Taurus, you have a distinct solidity about your presence, and you're very huggable.

Your caution makes you appear reserved, and you're not the type to rush into relationships. It takes awhile for you to feel sure of people, but when you do, you're usually very loyal.

Back in the day, it was all about "going steady," an easy-going, but consistent Taurean attitude. Is this your Venus sign?


Taurus in Love

You've got a languid demeanor that makes everything you do appear sensual. You don't want high drama and will shy away from players.    

You bond through tactile pleasures -- massage, hand-holding and getting physical in the bedroom. With Venus in Taurus, you can be possessive, and if provoked, can surprise the unsuspecting partner with a furious rage. Even so, you're marriage material.

Venus rules Taurus, making this placement auspicious by rulership.  Read about Venus Taurus Compatibility with other Venus Signs.

Friends - Life is Good 

You're the friend that likes to hang out, as long as there are plenty of provisions like food, beer, etc. You'll be there when its time to move or paint, again, especially if it's followed by some food and beverage rewards.

You're natural and at home in your body, and don't shrink from skinny dipping or lounging around in next to nothing. Your ease with your creaturely self helps a shy lover overcome modesty, to get to more relaxed pleasure.

You are sustained by touch, and often will exchange massages with friends. You'll suss someone out awhile before allowing them into your circle of trust. You're there when friends need you.

The Arts

Venus here brings determination to any creative pursuit, and you can rise to the virtuoso level. Known for having melodious voices, Venus in Taurus excel as singers and musicians.

You're at home working with nature, such as landscaping or flower arranging. Refined taste-buds make you a good candidate for chef of the year. Your aesthetic sense translates into a good eye in any medium.

The Big Attraction

Venus in Taurus is cuddly. There's a promise with you of enduring devotion, as long as you're treated with respect. Your sensuality is like a deep cave that others get to enter, and while there it's okay to surrender to just being a physical animal.

You'll surprise loved ones with a sentimental gift every now and then. In between, you'll give in a thousand little ways that make life more pleasurable.

Winning Your Heart

Your nature calls for patient companions that let a friendship or romance unfold organically. The way to your heart is through the senses, and a lovingly prepared dinner goes a long way. But you respond to touch, too, meaningful gestures from the subtle to the overt.

You like silence, too, and feel crowded out by too much chatter.  You like self-contained friends since that's what you strive for.  

You'll stay bonded if the physical intimacy is strong. You open up in an atmosphere of comfort and stability. You respect dependable types and those that show they value you.

You don't like it when people put on airs since you tend toward a more natural, simple way of being.

Earthly Love

You can be practical in your outlook, and take your time easing into a commitment. Once rooted in a relationship, it's hard to get you to budge. And this can keep you in relationships that are bogged down, and based more on material exchange, than in a growing love. You're very loyal and won't give up on a relationship, even if it's become stagnant.

Inertia is a big cul-de-sac for Bulls, and that sometimes leads to full on Taurus-style depression.

The quality of steadfastness makes you a devoted mate. You're patient, and in it for the long haul. You thrive in relationships that are stable and come with the promise of building, accumulating, growing and taking pleasure in the simple and deeply satisfying.

Great gifts for Venus Taurus are edible oils; spices or potted kitchen herbs; tactile fabrics; wind chimes; the music they like or an instrument; artisan foods; a massage gift certificate (maybe from you!); the handcrafted or made from natural materials.

Quality and Element:

Fixed Earth

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