Verb + Verb - Which Verb Form - Quiz

Do you know which verb forms follow specific verbs?

Gerund or Infinitive?
Gerund and Infinitive.

1. I need ___ soon.

2. They refused ____ any farther.

3. He threatened _____ the teacher if I didn't stop.

4. Do you swear ____ the truth and nothing but the truth?

5. I promise _____ you tomorrow.

6. He intends _____ his studies soon.

7. The teacher taught the children _____ their homework every evening.

8. Bob told me ____.

9. Gertrude wishes _____ our club.

10. He practiced _____ quickly a number of times.

11. I challenged him _____ the impossible.

12. We anticipate _______ a response soon.

13. He denies ______ the criminal.

14. My father made me ___ early on Saturday.

15. I hope _____ this report soon.

16. Jack persuaded Larry _____ to the exhibition.

17. The weather appears _____ changing.

18. Jack risked ______ a major mistake in the competition.

19. I urged the students ______ well for the exam.

20. Mary offered ______ Jackson with the project.

Verb + Verb - Which Verb Form - Quiz

You got: % Correct. You Know Your Verb Forms!

I got You Know Your Verb Forms!. Verb + Verb - Which Verb Form - Quiz
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Congratulations! You've obviously spent some time learning which verb forms to use following other verbs. Keep learning English and you'll be fluent in no time!

Verb + Verb - Which Verb Form - Quiz

You got: % Correct. You've Done Well, But ...

I got You've Done Well, But .... Verb + Verb - Which Verb Form - Quiz
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 Good job! You understand the use of most verb combinations, but still need to brush up on a few. Keep at it and you'll know them all by heart soon. 

Verb + Verb - Which Verb Form - Quiz

You got: % Correct. Keep Learning Your Verbs

I got Keep Learning Your Verbs. Verb + Verb - Which Verb Form - Quiz
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 English is frustrating because there are so many things you need to learn bit by bit. This is one of them. Make sure to check a list of verbs that take the infinitive or gerund to continue learning.