Verbs Followed by the Gerund

Verbs with Ing - Reference List

Many verbs are followed immediately by the gerund or ing form of the verb. These are also known as verbs used with ing. The following list provides verbs combined with ing (verbs followed by gerunds). Each verb with ing is followed by two example sentences to provide context. All of these verbs follow no specific rules, and must be memorized. You can practice your knowledge once you've reviewed this sheet, as well as the other verb pattern reference lists by taking these quizzes:

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Phrasal Verbs Followed by 'Ing'

Phrasal verbs are verbs that are made up of a verb with one or two particles such as 'look into', 'put up with', etc. Phrasal verbs generally end in prepositions. Prepositions are always followed by the gerund or 'ing' form of the verb. Therefore, all phrasal verbs that are immediately followed another verb combine with the 'ing' form of the verb. For example:

Let's look into buying a new car soon.
Jane got over leaving his home town after a few years.

  1. acknowledge

    She wouldn't acknowledge breaking any of the rules.
    You should always acknowledge needing help and then go find it.

  2. admit

    Jane admitted steeling some candy from the other boy.
    Doug doesn't admit knowing anything about the situation.

  3. advise

    Anthony advised selling shares short in this market situation.
    Our counselor advised applying for colleges well ahead of the February deadline.

  1. anticipate

    We don't anticipate waiting times of more than twenty minutes.
    Angela anticipated wanting some extra food and brought a sandwich along.

  2. appreciate

    We appreciate spending time together on Saturdays.
    Tom appreciated being alone for the weekend.

  3. avoid

    I'd recommend you avoid spending too much time on a computer.
    She avoided speaking to Tim for more than a month.

  1. complete

    Jack completes posting his messages by 12 noon every day.
    Do the students usually complete doing their homework on time for class?

  2. consider

    I'm considering buying a house in the countryside.
    Sarah shortly considered getting married to Fred, but decided she didn't really love him.

  3. defer

    The client deferred paying his bills for a few months and was fined.
    Have you ever deferred doing something for a long time?

  4. delay

    It's not a good idea to delay having a child for too long.
    We'll delay starting the class until all the students have arrived.

  5. deny

    Cathy denied lying about the situation to her boss.
    Jason doesn't deny cheating on the test.

  6. discuss

    We shortly discussed purchasing a new car, but decided against it.
    Are you going to discuss scheduling a new class time?

  7. dislike

    I dislike getting into arguments with people I don't know well.
    They disliked eating so early every morning when they went to school.

  8. enjoy

    She enjoys playing tennis and riding horses in her free time.
    Do you enjoy hiking or skiing in the mountains?

  9. entail

    The job entails getting to work by five in the morning.
    It doesn't entail spending any extra money to join.

  10. finish

    Have finished writing that report yet?
    Tom finished cleaning his apartment and went outside for a jog.

  1. forget

    Have you ever forgotten doing something terrible?
    Shelly forgot playing tennis when she was young.

  2. can't help

    I can't help thinking that you could do better if you really tried!
    James can't help making so many complaints. It's in his nature.

  3. involve

    The job doesn't involve lifting heavy objects.
    Getting a degree involved studying late into the night on many occasions.

  4. justify

    The CEO justified wasting so much money because he felt entitled.
    How can you justify spending so much money on vacation?

  5. keep

    Tom keeps putting his foot in his mouth when he speaks.
    What has kept you working so hard for so many years?

  6. mention

    I'd like to mention playing the role of Karnak in 1998.
    She mentioned having problems in her chemistry class.

  7. mind

    Do you mind moving over to let me sit down?
    Jason doesn't mind working overtime on Wednesdays.

  1. miss

    I really miss speaking Italian on a daily basis.
    They are going to miss playing golf every day when they get back to work.

  2. postpone

    Let's postpone meeting until next week.
    The students postponed doing their homework until the last possible moment.

  3. practice

    I usually practice playing the piano for an hour every day.
    How often do you practice speaking Russian?

  4. quit

    James quit smoking three years ago.
    Have you ever quit doing something that was healthy, but boring?

  5. recall

    Henry recalls traveling throughout Europe when he was a young boy.
    Do you recall visiting this town two years ago?

  6. recollect

    Peter recollects having a good time in Jamaica a few years ago.
    Do you recollect meeting Mr. Snyder?

  7. recommend

    Cheryl recommended going to the Italian restaurant instead of the Iranian restaurant.
    I highly recommend reading Hemingway to improve your English.

  8. regret

    She regrets having spent so little time with her daughter.
    I wonder if Hank regrets spending so much on golf.

  9. resent

    The children resent having to do chores on Saturdays.
    Do you resent working for such an incompetent boss?

  10. resist

    I'd resist investing in the stock market these days.
    She resisted speaking to him for as long as possible.

  11. risk

    Have you ever risked breaking a leg or an arm while playing a sport?
    Jack risked making a mistake by working so quickly.

  12. stop The verb 'stop' can also be followed by the infinitive with a change in meaning.

    He stopped smoking two years ago.
    Have you ever stopped doing something that wasn't good for you?

  13. sanction

    The government sanctioned living in private quarters for the soldiers on tour.
    The football league sanctioned stepping on the field.

  1. suggest

    She suggested looking for a new job.
    Do you suggest staying in New York for vacation?

  2. tolerate

    The teachers didn't tolerate making noise during class.
    Dan wouldn't tolerate smoking in his house.

  3. understand

    Do you understand thinking out of the box?
    She understands working with computers.

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