Hack Attack! 18 Very Funny Hacked Construction Signs

Something tells us these signs weren't approved by the roads department....

Here on the Web Humor scene, we've seen our fair share of funny pranks, purposely bad photos, and hilarious hack jobs.  We've seen outrageous office pranks and ridiculous signs that are sometimes way more confusing than helpful, but we've never seen anything like these hacked traffic signs.

These construction signs have been seriously tampered with, but they are no doubt providing more than a few laughs for the people who are making their usual boring daily commute! Check out 18 very funny hacked construction signs spotted by the good people of the internet.

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The Cake Is Always A Lie

the cake is a lie sign
Via Gawker.

The quote "The cake is a lie" comes from a video game called Portal, and it means that the promised gift that was being used to motivate someone to do something doesn't really exist. Like when your boss tells you there's cake in the break room in order to get you to finish your work faster, but then when you finish, you find out that there is no cake. The cake is a LIE.

Now that we've got that bit of web slang cleared up... how funny is this sign? 

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Well, That's Rude

hacked traffic sign
Via ottawastart.

It must be the paint color?  Or maybe it's the headlights? Either way... what a rude traffic sign!

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What A Pleasant Thought

hacked sign
Via Pinterest.

Shows what you know, stupid sign. My mom says she loves me... so there. Stupid sign.

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Um... Oops?

hacked construction sign
Via cloudinary.

NOW you tell me! Wouldn't it be easier just to unplug the sign? Just a thought.

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Located Just Minutes From The Quaint Town of Bootyville.

Via Death & Taxes.

Ah, beautiful, scenic Assville, New Jersey, located in the heart of the Garbage, er, Garden State.

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No Natural Gas Allowed.

Via Car Buzz.

Not even a Silent But Deadly?  A squeaker? A tiny air biscuit? A wee booty belch? Nothing at all?

Okay, I'll stop now.

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Wait, What? That Can't Be Right.

Via Car Buzz.

I'm pretty sure that the "Your Honor, the sign back there told me to!" defence won't hold up in a court of law.

But what do I know? I'm not a lawyer.

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That Sign Is A Total Jerk.

Via BuzzFeed.

Listen, sign, nobody likes a bragger, so cut the crap. I will unplug you SO FAST, so help me.

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Mario Humor Never Gets Old.

Via Car Buzz.

Poor Mario knows better than anyone what a pain in the rear those princesses can be.

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Great, Now I'm Hungry.

Via elite daily.

What does a street sign eat, anyway?

Answer: Not much.

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Don't Mind If I Do.

Via elite daily.

Now this is a f*cking sign I can f*cking get on board with.

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One Wrong Turn And You're In Jurassic Park.

Via Huffpost.

In this case, I think "caution" is an understatement.  Didn't you see what they did to Newman in Jurassic Park?!

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I See What You Did There.

Via MadTen.

This sign was hacked by the same guy who once got trapped in fortune cookie factory.

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Tanks For Nothing.

Via MadTen.

Well, you just never know, I guess.  Some of those Hummers driving around are about as big as a tank.

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Beep Beeeeeeeep!

Via MadTen.

This sign is either very nosey, or it's conducting a very important social experiment. I'm thinking it's the former.

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Too Much Information?

Via BuzzFeed.

Spoiler alert: Tony also has a bitter but technologically-savvy ex-girlfriend with a lot of free time on her hands.

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Ten Out Of Ten Road Signs Agree.

Via elite daily.

Well, okay, but only because the sign said so. Who am I to argue with a construction sign?

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Use Your Braaaaaaaains.

Via Huffpost.

Zombies, dude.  They're everywhere.

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Be careful out there on the roads, folks! You just never know when a merry prankster might hack your route.