Video Game Vocabulary and Discussion Lesson

Reading Review
Class Reading Review. Kenneth Beare

If there is one thing that young English learners and ESL classes have in common around the world, it's their passion for playing video games. It doesn't matter what platform they use: Playstation 2, XBox, GameBoy or Nitendo - and especially smart phones, they love to play and talk about playing. Taking cue from this passion for video games, this lesson is devoted to getting them to talk about video games - but in English!

Aim: Getting students to talk, learning new vocabulary

Activity: Discussing video games - Making video games vocabulary trees

Level: Intermediate to advanced


  • Have students read the short video game advertisement.
  • Discuss new words and other related vocabulary.
  • Ask students to get into small groups of three or four and fill in a MindMap or vocabulary tree for video games.
  • Ask students to fill in the "types of games" worksheet individually.
  • Divide students into small groups. Students should brainstorm on the types of games they play. For example, are they multiplayer or arcade games? The game equipment they'll need. This is especially useful for hardcore gamers as they'll have extra gear. The video games they currently play and how to play the games. 
  • Ask each student (or group of students) to write 
  • Ask students to NOT use the name of the game, but write a description of one of their favorite video games using the vocabulary in the vocabulary tree, on their worksheet and in their discussions. Make sure to point out that directions should be given in the imperative voice (i.e., Open the door, go to the chest, get the gold, etc. NOT You must open the door, you must then go to the chest, you must get the gold from the chest, etc.)
  • Have students read their game descriptions to the class. Ask the other students to guess which game is being described.

Reading: Do You Love Gaming?

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Mind Map

Create a mind map or vocabulary tree of words related to:

  • Verbs - Actions: What do you do? 
  • Nouns - Things - Places: What things can you find? Where do you go? Where are you at?
  • Adjectives - What does the game look like? How does it seem?

Worksheet: Types of Games

What types of games do you play? What categories might you use? Are the games puzzles, multiplayer, or arcade games? Describe your games.

Game Environment

What equipment do you need to play in the game? What kind of environment does the game take place in? Does it have a race track or mountain scenes? Does the game take place on a field?

Video Games

Which video games do you usually play? Do other students play those games? 

Rules of the Game

What are the rules of your favorite games? 

Your Best Game

Describe your best game. What happened? What was the score? Who or what did you beat?