Video of Ginger Rogers Salsa Dancing at Age 92?

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Ginger Rogers at 92?
Viral video purports to show the legendary Ginger Rogers salsa dancing at age 92 with her great-grandson.

Description: Viral video / Email hoax
Circulating since: Jan. 2011 (as "Ginger Rogers" video)
Status: False / Mislabeled

Text example:
Email contributed by J. Pringle, Feb. 27, 2011:


A 92-year Ginger Rogers -- wait 'til you see this!!

To all of you younger people.....

This lady was a headline dancer way, way, way back in the 1930's and 1940's

Wow! I may want to do this when I'm 92... oh, wait, I can't do this now!

Watch all the way through, the beginning

She is 92, her great grandson 29 - watch them dance

Don't give up after the first minute ... that is the teaser.

Remember, he is 29; she is 92! Just getting to the age of 92 would be most peoples dream

Enjoy the show!!!

She was Fred Astaire’s partner at one time and he got better billing than she did. However, as someone pointed out, she did everything he did and she did it backwards and in high heels. Well, she’s still doing it while poor Fred has been pushing up the daisies for almost a quarter-century now.

Video: Ginger Rogers Dances Salsa at 92

Analysis: False. Someone is pulling your leg. Ginger Rogers died at the age of 83 in 1995, so the vivacious senior citizen kicking up her heels in the viral video above is someone other than Fred Astaire's best known movie musical dance partner.

Nor is the senior citizen in the video 92 years old, it turns out, though her real age, 75, is hardly less impressive. The septuagenarian in question is Sarah "Paddy" Jones, described in the Times of London as a "demure British grandmother" who danced away with the first prize in the 2009 season of Tu Si Que Vales ("You Are Worth It"), Spain's equivalent of Britain's Got Talent.

Mrs. Jones and her salsa partner, Nico Espinoza (40 years her junior but not her grandson, sources say), toured the globe for a year afterward and competed in other televised dance contests, but recently parted ways due to "tensions" in their relationship, it has been reported. In a March 1, 2011 interview with the Wolverhampton Express & Star, Jones said the search for his replacement is already underway.

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