How to Use Video on Blogger

Add motion and sound to your Blogger posts

Google makes adding video to your blog at Blogger quite simple, provided you're aware of a few details.

Acceptable Formats and Sizes

This free blogging service accepts all of the common video formats, including .mp4, .wmv, and .mov.

The video content you're likely to add to a blog won't count against the 15 GB storage limits of a free Google account unless:

  • The height or width of uploaded images exceeds 2,048 pixels.
  • The video is longer than 15 minutes.

You can upload and use media beyond these limits, but they will cut into your storage allotment.

Your free Google account's 15 GB storage limit is shared across all of your Google services and apps, which includes Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos.

You can add more storage space for Blogger or any of your other Google services at a reasonable monthly cost.

Before You Upload

If you have a long video to upload, compress it to save on space. The H.264 codec works well; even better, switch the file format to .mp4. To shrink the file size of a high-definition video, change the aspect ratio to 1280x720.

If you posted the video to another video hosting site, you can skip these steps and embed the video directly into Blogger.

Post Video With Blogger

To post your video, log into Blogger and follow these steps:

  1. Log in and select New Post (it's located in the upper-left corner of the screen). This opens the Compose window.

    Blogger's Compose window
  2. Select Insert a video (it looks like the clapperboard that movie directors use).

    Blogger Compose window with "Insert a video" icon
  3. Select the appropriate choice to add your video:

    • Upload to choose a video on your computer.
    • From YouTube to paste the URL of a YouTube video.
    • My YouTube videos to choose from a list of the videos you previously uploaded to YouTube.
    Video upload dialog on Blogger
  4. Upload the video and choose Select to display the video on the web page.

Embed a YouTube Video Using HTML

You also can embed a video from YouTube using HTML.

  1. Go to the video on YouTube and select Share.

    YouTube Share Video option
  2. Select Embed, then select Copy to copy the HTML code to your computer's clipboard.

    Video-sharing options on YouTube

    The HTML code copied from YouTube uses HTML5 iframes to embed videos in a web page.

  3. In the Blogger new post window, select HTML, then, place the cursor in the text box and paste the HTML code.

  4. Select Preview to see how the video will appear when published.

    YouTube Preview button
  5. When you're satisfied with your Blogger page, select Publish to display the video on your site.

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