Top 10 Villains on Days of Our Lives

When it comes to villains—and villainesses—Days of Our Lives has written the book on evil, vile and unscrupulous characters. Over the years, an array of despicable people have terrorized the citizens of Salem. Here's a look at 10 of the show's all-time best baddies.

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Stefano DiMera

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Is there a scoundrel in all of daytime that can rival The Phoenix’s three decades of terror or surpass his diabolical deeds? Stefano’s vendetta against the Brady family has led to unspeakable acts against children—kidnapping twins Sami and Eric and switching J.T. and Zack at birth—to faking Roman and Marlena’s deaths to brainwashing John, Steve, and Rafe. And through it all, Stefano has barely spent a night in the slammer. Doesn’t say much about the Salem P.D.

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Victor Kiriakis

John Aniston
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The Kiriakis name commands fear and respect in the underworld thanks to the family’s powerful patriarch, Victor. During his tenure in Salem, the Greek crime lord has led drug and pornography rings, orchestrated extortion plots, jail breaks, coverups, and a few murders. Victor’s own family has felt the effects of his ruthlessness. He tried to kill his own son, Bo, on numerous occasions, and once drugged his nephew, Justin, leaving him impotent.

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Harper Deveraux

Rich and ruthless, there were no limits to Harper’s reach and retribution. And, unfortunately, it was always women who were the victims of his wrath. When he thought his daughter-in-law, Kayla, had gotten her hands on Jack’s adoption papers, he tried to poison her. He also ordered his wife Anjelica to have an abortion upon learning she was pregnant with another man's child. Ultimately, he went on a rampage as The Riverfront Knifer, attacking Eve, Kimberly and Kayla and murdering Janice Barnes.

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Andre DiMera

Thaao Penghlis. Courtesy: Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Monstrous and manipulative, Andre performed all of his evil acts while pretending to be his cousin, Tony, for over 20 years. He murdered countless Salemites as the Salem Slasher and masterminded the Salem Stalker plot. And who can forget that it was Andre that arranged the diabolical Sami/Stan switcheroo? But his most heinous crime of all had to be stealing John's comatose body from the hospital, so he could have his kidney surgically removed and transplanted into Stefano.

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Vivian Alamain

Louise Sorel. Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

Some might call her crazy, and she is—like a fox. Not to mention lethal! The object of her longtime wrath, Carly, learned that first hand when Vivian drugged her and buried her alive. Years later, Maggie suffered the same cruel fate, when she dared to capture the fancy of Vivian’s beloved Victor. Along the way, Viv orchestrated Kate’s plane crash, attempted to poison sweet Melanie, and manipulated poor Chloe into an affair that ruined her marriage, all in the name of revenge.

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Curtis Reed

Austin and Billie’s deadbeat dad was as sleazy as they come. Involved with the Mafia and addicted to drugs, he became abusive towards his family. When his wife Kate turned to another man for comfort and ended up pregnant, Curtis tossed her to the curb and disappeared with their two young children. Kate finally tracked them down and uncovered Curtis’ most heinous crime of all: he had raped their daughter. Curtis met his demise when he crossed Stefano, who shot him dead in an alley.

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Kate Roberts

Lauren Koslow. Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton

As bad as she is beautiful, Kate stops at nothing in the name of protecting her children—be it framing poor Sami for murder, switching paternity test results, or poisoning Chloe. And hell hath no fury like her when she’s scorned: she tried to frame ex-lover Daniel for her plot against Chloe. Plus, Kate’s not afraid to go head-to-head with Salem power moguls like her former husband, Victor. She had the temerity to try to kill him—twice!

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Lawrence Alamain

Like aunt, like nephew. Lawrence followed in his vile Auntie Viv’s footsteps. Among his litany of crimes, he set a trap to kill Bo, orchestrated Steve’s “death,” raped Jennifer, spread a lethal virus throughout Salem, and threatened to murder Carly’s love child, Melanie, unless she gave her up for adoption. It was hard to blame Carly when she finally plunged a knife into his gut and permanently ended his reign of terror.

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Paul Mendez

Nicole’s despicable dad forced her to become a porn queen when she was just a teenager, forever scarring her. When he showed up in Salem, years later, he wreaked havoc on another young teenager, Jan Spears. He raped the poor high school gal, giving her gonorrhea, and leaving her pregnant. A traumatized Jan ultimately ended up shooting Paul. He died in the hospital of heart failure, but not before attempting to strangle Nicole, after she paid him a visit and implored him to die.

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EJ DiMera

James Scott. Courtesy: NBC/Ben Cohen

Don’t let this handsome Brit’s looks fool you. He’s as devious and deadly as they come, and a real chip off the old block. His father is Stefano! EJ’s monstrous crimes have included murdering a cop (Officer Eve Michaels), torturing and brainwashing Steve, forcing Sami to have sex with him, and shooting John at point blank range. Heck, the guy even had his own daughter Sydney kidnapped and told her mother she was dead. If that’s not horrible, what is?

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