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Vimeo is a free video sharing website that allows you to upload up to 500MB of video per week, which is a lot more than most websites. This makes Vimeo a great place to go if you have a vlog or a big portfolio you want to share, or if you just really like making movies.

Over the years, Vimeo has gone from fledgling startup to a veritable artistic mega site. It is generally the preferred video sharing site of video producers and is regularly used for video-based business websites, such as the drum lessons website, Drumeo.

Comparisons to YouTube are inevitable, but the cool thing about Vimeo is the quality of work published on the site. Artists, producers, and other content creators love Vimeo's simplicity, ability to attribute roles for multi-person productions (Vimeo allows tagging), and the sharing and community tools.

Cost of Vimeo

The initial 500MB per week is free, but you can choose to upgrade your account to Plus, Pro, Pro Unlimited, Business, and Premium:

  • Basic: 500MB per week. Free.
  • Plus: 5GB per week, 250GB annually. $84/year.
  • Pro: 20GB per week, 1TB annually. $240/year.
  • Pro Unlimited: Unlimited weekly and annual disk space, 3TB of space total. $399/year.
  • Business: Unlimited weekly and annual disk space, 5TB of space total. $600/year.
  • Premium: Unlimited weekly and annual disk space, 7TB of space total. $900/year.

Terms of Service for Vimeo

You retain the rights to your work. You are not allowed to upload anything illegal, harmful, or obscene, and nothing that infringes copyrights. As usual, stalking, impersonation, and spamming are not allowed.

Vimeo also stipulates that you cannot use any of the material on the website except for your own personal viewing purposes, an unusual extra check to make sure nobody can steal the work you upload.

When signing up for an account, Vimeo asks for a username, password, email, location, and gender.

Uploading to Vimeo 

The Upload link in the upper right corner takes you to the upload form. It reminds you not to upload anything pornographic, anything that you didn’t create yourself, or any ads.

Here, you pick your file, add a title, caption, and tags, and choose whether the video is public or private. You get a progress bar that shows the percent complete, the amount of data uploaded, the upload speed and the time remaining. It goes pretty fast.

Compression in Vimeo

When your clip has finished uploading, you are taken to a page with a link to the video and a link back to the uploader, in case you want to add more clips. If you go to watch the video right away, it will likely not be finished uploading.

Vimeo converts all uploaded files to Flash before making them accessible.

Viewability on Vimeo

All your uploaded videos are displayed in thumbnail form to the right, from oldest to newest. The videos are not huge but look pretty good and play smoothly. The play bar is right on top of the video, which is annoying, but if you take the mouse off it after pressing play it will go away.

Sharing from Vimeo 

To share a Vimeo video, select the Embed link at the bottom of the player. Two headings will appear. Use the URL under the first heading, Link to this clip, to link to your video in an email or on other websites. Or, copy and paste the HTML under the second heading, Embed this clip..., to embed the player on another website.

If you have a Flickr account, you can also put the video directly on the site by selecting the Flickr link at the bottom of the player, selecting Upload, and then entering your username and password. Select Download to download a copy of the video.

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