Virgo New Moon - September 12/13th, 2015

Purify Thyself

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The Virgo New Moon is Sunday, September 13th, 2015 at 2:41 am EDT. 

The Righteous Track

The Virgo effect is doubled, with the Sun also in this purposeful earth sign.  Both are at 20 degrees Virgo.  The Virgo lunation is right on time, for stripping down to essentials, to what's healthy and simply good. 

Every New Moon is a passage to redeem the essence of the sign that's amplified.  Here it's Virgo, the sign that instinctively hones in on the choices that make the most sense.


If you've been stretched too thin, by things that aren't satisfying, Virgo gets you back on the righteous track.  That's the path that unfolds from your natural gifts, and sense of service and calling. 

The mutable (changeable) impulse of Virgo makes this a New Moon to shift your shape or attitude.  Virgo is alert to the confounding buffet of choice, and has an instinct for choosing that which supports your dreams, in practical ways. 

It's an ideal New Moon to earth your dreams with plans that unfold along a realistic path.  Or to invite that kind of guidance, along with dream messages, signs and allies to point the way.

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Disinfect Thyself!

This year's madness calls for stronger language, as the mania and out-of-whackedness of our times angles in from all sides.  Staying sane (sanitized) nowadays means knowing that toxins come in many packages.

At this year's (2015) New Moon, Pluto is in a trine, adding the depth of sight to see the source of toxic release.  You can then make wise choices, a Virgo gift, to avoid the poisons (to psyche, emotional body or physical body).   

Virgo Discernment

I note that this month, Saturn will move into Sagittarius (Sept 17th), and move toward a square with Neptune (Nov 26th).

  Neptune in Pisces is proving to be one of fluid reality -- very surreal, and unreal things are happening. 

From my vantage point, there are waves of memes that wash over, and many of these come with fuzzy facts.  So many of the absorbing stories of the day are designed for maximum crazymaking.  And most of them are built on a foundation of deception, another Neptunian experience.  One prediction for Neptune in this sign was for mass delusions, and these are contagious like a virus.  And how like a virus are these fear memes, the nightmare of the week, that turns attention toward this and away from that.  

Saturn in Sagittarius will bring more mutable wisdom, to take what's charged with life, and dismiss the rest.  It's a process, like Virgo's rhythm, of separating the wheat from the chaff.

So with this Virgo lunation, we enter the zone of decontamination from all that's wafted and streamed through.  It's a lunar re-set, to redeem your sanity.  What are ways to sanitize your life?  The answer to that lies in questions like, "What's cluttering up my life?"  or "What's toxic to my body, spirit and mind?" 

Trust your inner healer to lay out the path to renewal and cleansing. 

Taking the Waters

A Virgo New Moon has the potential of being like a visit to the cosmic day spa. The themes of detoxing and deep revival, de-cluttering and simplifying are in bold.  The in-between of the Dark Moon is one for retreat, for ablutions and tender self-care.

Keep in mind that earthy Virgo is about the beauty of the small. Ease the tension with wise kindness toward yourself and others.

The Virgo sensibility is a guide to what's needed in this moment, and the next. If you avoid the high drama that's a real red flag at the New Moon, it's one for taking the waters -- for healing and cleansing.

Virgo Moon Motif

The New Moon is a time of soul whispering and beginnings. It's powerful to concentrate your attention on what you'd like to invite into your life. And at the same time, be receptive (the Moon's forte) to what's there to be accessed in the dark.

Virgo New Moon themes:

  • wisdom of the body
  • purification
  • natural solutions
  • enjoying the process
  • putting things in order
  • the simple life
  • true essentials
  • finishing what you've started
  • practical wisdom
  • picking apart to discover what's wrong
  • intricate systems and patterns
  • handling the details
  • finding beauty in the particular.


It's a Good Time to: SIMPLIFY!; take a ritual bath; consult an alternative healer; give or receive massage, reiki, energy work; do a seasonal cleaning; purge the stale, rotten or useless from your closet, fridge, computer; work with your hands; put finishing touches on your masterpiece; edit that article, novel or play; buy some new stationery and pens; take a yoga class; go for a long walk alone.