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Visual Dictionary - Architect

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This visual dictionary provides images and vocabulary related to different types of professions and the work involved. Example sentences provide further information on the duties and responsibilities of each profession or job.

An architect works designing buildings, homes and other structures. Architects draw up blue prints which are used as plans for the structures they build.

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Visual Dictionary - Flight Attendant

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Flight attendants assist passengers during flights by explaining air safety procedures, answering any questions, serving meals and generally helping ensure passengers have a pleasant journey. In the past, flight attendants were also called stewardesses, stewards, and air hostesses.

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Visual Dictionary - Teacher

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Teachers instruct a wide range of students. Younger learners are generally called pupils, university age learners are referred to as students. Teachers at the university level are often called professors while teachers of practical subjects are also called instructors. Subjects pupils and students study include languages, mathematics, history, sciences, geography and many more.

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Visual Dictionary - Truck driver

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Truck drivers drive large vehicles called trucks. They generally have to drive great distances which can take them away from their home for days at a time. In the UK, trucks are also referred to as lorries.

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Visual Dictionary - Trumpeter

Trumpeter. Image © Microforum Italia

This man is playing a trumpet. He may be called a trumpet player or a trumpeter. Trumpeters play brass instruments in orchestras, marching bands or jazz bands. One of the great trumpeters of all times is Miles Davis.

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Visual Dictionary - Waitperson

Waitperson. Image © Microforum Italia

Waitpersons wait on customers in restaraunts and bars. In the past, waitpersons were called either waitresses (women) or waiters (men). In the United States, waitpersons are usually paid very low wages, but make money on tips given by customers for good service. In other countries, the tip is included in the bill for the meal.

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Visual Dictionary - Welder

Welder. Image © Microforum Italia

Welders weld metal. They need to wear protective clothing and goggles to protect their eyes from the bright flame. They are important in a number of industries that employ steel and other metals.

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Visual Dictionary - Radio Disk Jockey

Radio Disk jockey. Image © Microforum Italia

Radio disk jockeys play music on the radio. They introduce songs, choose music to play, interview guests, read news and offer their opinions on a wide variety of subjects.

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Visual Dictionary - Receptionist

Receptionist. Image © Microforum Italia

Receptionists often work in hotels, office buildings, and reception areas. They help guests, clients and customers with information directing them to their rooms, checking them in, answering questions and more in a hotel.

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Visual Dictionary - Ringleader

Ringleader. Image © Microforum Italia

Circus ringleaders direct the circus and announce the various circus acts to the audience. They often wear a top hat and are known as true showmen.

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Visual Dictionary - Sailor

Sailor. Image © Microforum Italia

Sailors work on ships, often for a nation's military. They also work on cruise ships. In the past, they were responsible for almost any task on a sailing ship including cleaning, sailing, hoisting sails, scrubbing decks and more. All the sailors on a ship are collectively called the crew.

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Visual Dictionary - Scubadiver

Scubadiver. Image © Microforum Italia

Scubadivers are needed for any work underwater. They rely on diving equipment such as tanks for breathing, suits for protection, masks for seeing and much more. They are often used when searching for treasure, and sometimes for criminal investigations in rivers, lakes and other bodies of water.

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Visual Dictionary - Sculptor

Sculptor. Image © Microforum Italia

Sculptors work with different materials which include: marble, wood, clay, metals, bronze and other metals. They are artists and sculpt works of art. Great sculptors of the past in Michelangelo and Henry Moore.

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Visual Dictionary - Secretary

Secretary. Image © Microforum Italia

Secretaries are responsible for a wide variety of office tasks. These include using the computer to wordprocess documents, answering the telephone, managing schedules, making reservations and more. Bosses rely on secretaries to get all the small details taken care of so they can focus on the big picture for the company.

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Visual Dictionary - Service Industry Worker

Service Industry Worker. Image © Microforum Italia

Service industry workers work in a wide variety of places and are often paid minimum wage to perform their services. Service industry workers commonly work in fast food restaurants.

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Visual Dictionary - Shop Assistant

Shop Assistant. Image © Microforum Italia

Shop assistants work in a wide variety of shops and boutiques helping customers find products such as clothes, housewares, hardware, groceries and more. They often work at a cash register and ring up sales, take credit card, check or cash payments.

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Visual Dictionary - Short Order Cook

Short Order Cook. Image © Microforum Italia

Short order cooks work in small restaurants dedicated to serving standard meals quickly. They prepare sandwiches, hamburgers, pies, and other standard fair at restaurants that are often called "greasy spoons".

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Visual Dictionary - Steel Worker

Steel Worker. Image © Microforum Italia

Steel workers work in steel mills which produce different grades of steel. Steel workers often have to wear protective clothing to protect them from the hot furnaces where molten steel is turned into sheets, girders, and other steel products.

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Visual Dictionary - Nursing

Nursing. Image © Microforum Italia

Nurses work alongside other healthcare employees such as doctors, lab technicians, physical therapists, etc. to care for patients. Nurses take temperatures, blood pressure and make sure patients take their medications and are comfortable.

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Visual Dictionary - Painter

Painter. Image © Microforum Italia

Painters are often called artists. They paint on different surfaces included canvases with oil as well as paper with water-colors. Painters create landscapes, portraits, abstract and realistic paintings that range from traditional to avant garde in style.

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Visual Dictionary - Pastor

Pastor. Image © Microforum Italia

Pastors lead their congregation in a number of tasks which include preaching, reading scriptures, singing hymns and collecting offerings. In the Catholic faith pastors are called Priests and have differing duties. In England, pastors are often called vicars in the Anglican church.

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Visual Dictionary - Photographer

Photographer. Image © Microforum Italia

Photographers take pictures that are used for a wide variety of purposes. Their pictures are used in advertising, in newspaper and magazine articles as well as being sold as works of art.

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Visual Dictionary - Pianist

Pianist. Image © Microforum Italia

Pianists play the piano and are essential to most musical ensembles including rock and roll bands, jazz groups, orchestras, choirs and more. They perform with orchestras, accompany other musicians in solo performances, lead rehearsals and accompany ballet classes.

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Visual Dictionary - Policeman

Policeman. Image © Microforum Italia

Policemen protect and help local residents in a number of means. They investigate crimes, stop speeding drivers and give them fines, help citizens with directions or other information. Their profession can be dangerous at times, but policemen are committed to helping those around them.

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Visual Dictionary - Potter

Potter. Image © Microforum Italia

Potters create pottery on pottery wheels for a wide range of uses. Potters create mugs, bowls, dishes, vases as well as pieces of art. Once a potter has created a new piece of pottery, he burns it in a pottery kiln to harden the clay so that it can be used every day.

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Visual Dictionary - Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer. Image © Microforum Italia

Computer programmers use a wide variety of computer languages to program computers. Programmers create programs using C, C++, Java, SQL, Visual Basic and many other languages to develop computer applications for word processing, graphic programs, gaming applications, Internet web pages, and much more.

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Visual Dictionary - Judge

Judge. Image © Microforum Italia

Judges decide on court cases. In some countries, judges decide whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty and sentence accordingly. In the United States judges generally preside over court cases held before a jury.

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Visual Dictionary - Work

Lawyer. Image © Microforum Italia

Lawyers defend their clients in court cases. Lawyers are also called attorneys and barristers and can either prosecute or defend a case. They make opening statements to a jury, ask witnesses questions and try to prove a defendants guilt or innocence.

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Visual Dictionary - Legislator

Legislator. Image © Microforum Italia

Legislators make laws in governmental assemblies. They have a wide variety of names such as representative, senator, congressman. They work in congress or the senate, the house of representatives in state and national capitols. Some people believe that many legislators are influenced by lobbyists more than by the people they are supposed to represent.

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Visual Dictionary - Lumberjack

Lumberjack. Image © Microforum Italia

Loggers (or lumberjacks) work in forests cutting and felling trees for lumber. In the past, loggers chose only the best trees to cut. In more recent times, loggers have employed clear-cutting and select harvesting to obtain timber.

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Visual Dictionary - Mechanic

Mechanic. Image © Microforum Italia

Mechanics repair cars and other vehicles. The work on the engine to make sure it is running smoothly, change the oil and other lubricants, check filters and spark plugs to see that they are working properly.

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Visual Dictionary - Miner

Miner. Image © Microforum Italia

Miners work in mines below the surface of the Earth. They mine metals such as copper, gold and silver as well as coal for fuel. Their work is dangerous and hard. Coal miners also often suffer from lung disease due to the coal dust they inhale as they work.

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Visual Dictionary - Construction Worker

Construction Worker. Image © Microforum Italia

Construction workers build homes, office buildings, hotels, roads and other types of infrastructure. They build using a wide variety of materials including wood, brick, metal, concrete, drywall and more.

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Visual Dictionary - Country Muscian

Country Muscian. Image © Microforum Italia

Country musicians perform country music which is quite popular in the United States. Country musicians play slide guitars, bluegrass fiddle, and are often famous for their peculiar nasal style of singing.

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