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English learners generally have one thing in common: they love to travel and find out about new cultures. One of the main reasons most of us learn a new language is in order to try it on by going to a country where they speak the language. Of course, in order to get there, you have to travel. That's when travel vocabulary becomes absolutely necessary. Here is a quiz with related travel vocabulary for four means of travelling: by rail, by bus or coach, by air, and by sea.

Use the following words to fill in the gaps in the travel chart. Each word or phrase is used only once.

  • bus terminal
  • aircraft
  • catch/get on/board
  • disembark
  • quay/dock
  • liner
  • trip
  • depart/leave
  • land
  • bridge
  • driver's seat
  • pilot
  • corridor/aisle

Have a safe journey!

Means of Travel

By rail By bus / coach By air By sea
station _____ airport port
train bus _____ ship
catch/get on _____ get on/board embark
get off get off get off/disembark _____
platform departure gate departure gate _____
passenger train coach / bus passenger jet/airplane _____
journey _____ flight voyage
_____ depart/leave take off sail
arrive arrive _____ dock
engine _____ cockpit _____
engine driver bus driver _____ captain
_____ aisle aisle gangway

Practice using this vocabulary in short writing and speaking assignments like this example to integrate the new vocabulary:

Last year I flew to Italy for a month's vacation. We got on the plane in New York and disembarked in a completely different world. The first thing I did when we arrived was to get a real Italian espresso. The next weeks were wonderful as we took passenger trains to many different cities throughout the country. We also went to Leghorn, a port in Tuscany, and embarked on a ferry trip to the island of Sardinia.

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