Vocabulary Words: The Senses

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The words below are some of the most important used when talking about the senses and sensing. You'll find an example sentence for each word to help provide context.Create a mind-map to help you learn the vocabulary in a new way. You can also write a short paragraph to help you start using your new vocabulary.

Senses - Senses


My hearing is excellent. I can hear every word you're saying! 


I used to have almost perfect sight. Unfortunately, as we age our sight tends to get worse.


The smell of my wife's cooking is one the great joys of my day. Yum!


People who smoke cigarettes often report a lack of taste.


Most people enjoy something that is smooth to the touch.

Senses - Verbs

catch a glimpse

Did you catch a glimpse of that car? It was beautiful.


Tim glanced in my direction before he continued with his speech.


You might glimpse the president when he arrives to give his speech, but there will be a lot of people.


Have you heard the story about two English teachers lost in Japan?

listen to

I enjoy listening to classical music, as well as jazz, and, sometimes, electronic.

look at

Let's have a look at your hand. Does it hurt?


I noticed you've been working hard all morning. What have you been working on?


The teacher spent the hour observing the students as they worked on their projects in small groups.


Could you please quickly scan through the directions to see if I'm preparing this correctly?


Can you see that man over on the corner?

stare at

It's impolite to stare at someone. It can be dangerous in cities like New York.


Do you enjoy watching TV in the evening?

Senses - Other Related Words

(color) blind

People say that dogs are color blind. In other words, they can't see the same colors as we can.


I love music. I can't imagine what it must be like to be deaf.


My grandfather's eyesight improved after he went to the optometrist.

hard of hearing

Some people say he isn't hard of hearing. He's just ignoring people.

short- / long- sighted

Unfortunately, I'm short-sighted so I need glasses to drive.

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