Volleyball Substitution Tips: How To Be a Great Volleyball Substitute

Make an Immediate Impact for Your Team

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It may not be the most glamorous job you can have on a volleyball court, but coming into the game off of the bench is an essential role nonetheless. On a good day, a team's starters can carry the bulk of the load. However, whether a starting player needs a break in a long match, or one goes down with an injury, or things just aren't going right on the floor, your coach will inevitably turn to the bench.

Your job as a substitute is to continue the level of play if your team is playing well or to raise it if you've lost the momentum. Your coach and your teammates are counting on you to help right the ship, so it is important that you are ready to perform. Here are some tips for being great off the bench:

1. Stay Warm

Just because you're technically on the bench, doesn't mean you have to literally be sitting down. Take every chance you get to move around. If possible, stand up at the end of the bench, do some running or jumping in place. Do sit-ups or push ups in between plays to keep your muscles loose. Your coach will expect you to be ready to go at 100% right away. Staying warm at all times will greatly increase your chances of playing well from the moment you get the call to go in.

2. Be Ready For Anything

You never know what your coach may need you to do in any given match. He or she may need you to get a kill so your team can side out.

He or she may need you to get the setter a good pass so they can run the offense. He or she may want you to deliver a tough serve at a key moment. He or she may just want you to provide some energy to a listless team. Or, if a player goes down to injury or isn't performing up to par, he or she may need you to carry a much larger load.

As a bench player, you need to be ready for any role you may need to play whether large or small and make sure your team doesn't miss a step when you enter the game.

3. Pay Attention

Just because you are on the bench doesn't mean you are out of the game. You could be subbed in at any moment, so make sure you know exactly what is going on with your team as well as your opponents. Know what is working and what is not so that when you get in the game you can play smart volleyball. You coach may or may not tell you why he or she has chosen you to go in and what he or she needs you to do. If you've been watching the match and you know what your team is lacking, you'll know how to provide it and change the game.

4. Adjust Your Attitude

You may want to be a starter, but the fact remains that for whatever reason, you are not. Even if you feel your coach is making a huge mistake by not putting you out there on the floor, you have to keep a positive attitude. Volleyball is a team sport and if you spend all of your time complaining about your lack of playing time, you won't be effective when you do get the opportunity to go out there. Maybe one day you will get a chance to start, but for now, play your role to the best of your ability.

When your team and your coach need you to step up, you will do just that. Stay relaxed and focused on the goal at hand so that when you get the call you can do what you have been trained to do.

5. Support Your Teammates

Whether you are in the game or out of it, your job is to support your teammates. As you watch the game, cheer on the players on the court and encourage them throughout the match. If you notice something that will help one of your teammates to be successful, offer them the advice. Remember that you are all on the same team and that if your teammates do well, so do you.

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